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Michael Menduno

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Lamar Hires

Kevin Gurr

Reprogramming The Future: An Interview With Kevin Gurr

Howard Hall

Interview with a Wrecker

Tom Mount

Chris Newbert

O2N2 and interview with Chris Newbert

Phil Nuytten


John Cronin

Put Another Diver In: John Cronin and the business of marketing the diving world an interview with John Cronin

Jim Bowden

Absolutely Risky Business: I Just Want to Bottom Out the Cave an interview with Jim Bowden.

Emory Kristof

Meet the explorer who helped design the camera that found the Titanic and a man who's mission is to explore the unknowns of the ocean floor.

Bill Stone

Lad Handleman

Risky Business: An Interview With Commercial Mixed Gas Diving Pioneer, Lad Handelman

Richard Pyle

So Many Fish. So Little Time: A Fish Nerd's Journey Into the Twilight Zone an article about Richard Pyle.

Exley on Mix

Pioneers like Sheck Exley are always enigmas. To some he is an explorer and athlete of the highest magnitude, combining physical ability with the psychological stamina necessary to venture where few will ever go; to others, he is a daredevil and risk-taker seeking a thrill.

Gary Gentile

Issue #3 DEEP. Gary Gentile: Deep Wreck Diver

Carlos Eyles

aquaCORPS Journal #2 SOLO, Interview with Carlos Eyles: Blue Water Hunter

Steve Gerrard

Notes from the Underground: An Hour with Steve Gerrard

Talk Tech To Me

One of the major focuses of the conference was improving diving safety and a full afternoon was spent in heated discussions on this topic during two joint sessions.
November 4, 2016/by tdisdiHQ

How Tech Diving Got Its Name

It was clear to me from my experience working in the computer industry that what was going on in diving was nothing short of a technological revolution.
June 7, 2016/by jamescouncill

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