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Steve Lewis

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Skills Necessary to Conduct CCR Dives Utilizing Helium

There is no fluff when it comes to CCR diving. Each step has value and should be followed as prescribed. And that’s not just my opinion, it’s the best, safest and most secure way.
9 сентября, 2015/от admin

Cave diving 101: Avoiding Entanglement

Scuba diving seems to make an appearance on just about every sports writer’s list of the most dangerous recreational activities; and my guess is that when asked, every single one of the men and women compiling those lists would rank cave diving the most dangerous form of scuba diving.
12 мая, 2015/от admin

Can You Imagine Diving NYC? #risingsealevels

Dived Brooklyn Bridge today. Not a very pleasant experience really. So many dive boats trying to tie-up at same time. We waited 20 minutes to get into the water. #trafficjambrooklyn
1 июля, 2014/от Rob O'Goodenow

Diving Casualties of War

It was veteran journalist and author Tom Brokaw who first coined the term "The Greatest Generation" to describe those Americans who had lived through the Great Depression and who had fought in World War II. In his 1998 book of the same name, Brokaw wrote, "it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced."
13 мая, 2014/от Rob O'Goodenow

Is Cave CCR the Ultimate Challenge in Diving?

by Steve Lewis:

As if cave diving isn’t challenging…
17 апреля, 2014/от Rob O'Goodenow

Ice Diving for Fish Hooks

By Steve Lewis

When I mentioned to a friend that I was…
11 февраля, 2014/от Rob O'Goodenow

The diving appeal of the Bell Island Wrecks and Iron Ore Mine

OK, before drilling into a few of the real benefits and surprises…
6 декабря, 2013/от Rob O'Goodenow

Cave Diving and the Dangers without Proper Training

2 июля, 2013/от Rob O'Goodenow

Staying Alive on Rebreathers: It Really Is All About Set-Up

8 апреля, 2013/от admin

Sidemount Diving: It’s Not Just for Caves

By Steve Lewis

… but we should remember, that is where it…
8 марта, 2013/от admin

The “P-Valve,” Avoiding a Wet Drysuit

The “P-Valve,” Avoiding a Wet Drysuit
By Steve Lewis

14 января, 2013/от admin

Air Management: More Than an Occasional Glance at an SPG!

By Steve Lewis

You may have sat-in on dive briefings that end…
31 августа, 2012/от admin

Decompression Diving and the Technical Diver

By Steve Lewis

When the diving community attempts to set a definition…
17 июля, 2012/от admin

Gas Management Techniques for Sport Divers

Some fun facts about the “pony bottle”

With the rising…
26 марта, 2012/от admin

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