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Tanya Chapman

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The Role of the Public Safety Divers in the Legal System

All dive teams must follow regional laws when performing dive operations, and in many cases, must seek the advice and support of associated law enforcement or justice system personnel.
October 19, 2017/by admin

Health and Fitness Part 5

Join us for Part 5 of our Health and Fitness where we talk about the health and fitness considerations a female diver and the individual preparation for a dive.
September 14, 2017/by admin

Public Safety Training, What’s it All About?

Thinking about becoming an Public Safety Diver? Wondering what exactly it entails? What type of training might be required before training starts? We're talking about what public safety dive training is like from both sides.
February 28, 2017/by admin

Follow Up: How to Move from a Recreation to a Public Safety Dive Team

In this follow up article Tanya Chapman discusses what it takes to take a police unit from recreational divers to highly trained public safety divers. Also how we've progressed over the years in public safety diving with ERDI.
February 15, 2017/by admin

Proper Procedures for Interviewing Witnesses

Being tasked with identifying and speaking to (interviewing) anyone who may have specific knowledge to what has occurred and what you are searching for may be a difficult, daunting and time consuming task. Frequently, in your role as Dive Team Supervisor, there are other issues that you are addressing concurrently while interviewing witnesses and bystanders that complete for your attention.
May 19, 2015/by admin

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