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Tim was born and raised in Litchfield, MN… about as far from the ocean as you can get. He enlisted in the US Navy, serving 20 years as a Nuclear Machinist Mate in the submarine force.  It is through the Navy where he finally discovered the ocean and SCUBA diving while serving on the islands of Oahu and Guam.

During his early years in Guam, Tim spent most of his free time in the water SCUBA diving.  It was not until he heard someone talking about the inner peace and tranquility found while freediving that he thought “I need some of that”. After several months and an introductory freediving class, Tim found himself describing freediving as “competitive relaxation”. He quickly put his new freediving skills to good use through spearfishing and photography, giving him an “excuse” to be in the water.

Moving back to Oahu, Tim sought to improve his freediving, expanding his knowledge and skills through the PFI Intermediate and Advanced Freediver courses. PFI’s commitment to safety and their building block approach to skills aligned with the leadership skills the Navy had instilled in him, making Tim quickly realize his desire to be a part of the PFI organization. He has since progressed to the level of Freediver Instructor Trainer and operates High Performance Diving in Honolulu, HI. While sharing the world of Freediving with others is his passion, he also enjoys teaching SCUBA and is a Closed Circuit Rebreather Mixed Gas diver.

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