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1st Quarter 2012 Training Update

MUST READ for ALL Pro Memebers

Training UpdateThe SDI/TDI/ERDI HQ Training Department have released a Training Update for the First Quarter 2012.  It is posted in the Members Area of or may be viewed via the following link:

This is required reading for all TDI/SDI/ERDI Members.  Please make any necessary revisions in your printed SDI, TDI or ERDI Standards & Procedures upon reviewing this update.

SDI/TDI/ERDI Standards & Procedures Current Version is Revision 12.0, issued 01/01/2012, also available in the Members Area of the website.

TDI and Rebreathers: What’s Available?

Feed your curiosity and increase your knowledge base

RebreathersFor anyone that has attend a local dive show, read any diving news or has just spent some time surfing the internet, they have seen that rebreathers, and particularly Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR), are all the buzz. Technical Diving International (TDI) heard that buzz in 1995 with the Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather (SCR) and then again in 2001 with the CCR. Since 1995 a lot of rebreathers have been added to the approved list for TDI training – so many, in fact, that we thought it was time for a review.

Before we get into that review, though, we thought it might be helpful for you to understand why some rebreathers are not on our list. This is by no means a negative reflection on any rebreather manufacturer. TDI selects rebreathers based on the following criteria: annual production of units, user manual and third party testing. That is just a short list of some of the key areas that are evaluated. We have also never authorized the training on “modifie” or “home-built” units. Why? For two of the reasons just listed: there would be no user manual to explain how the unit would work with the modifications or as a home build, and there would be no third party testing. The end goal in everything we do – including approving education on rebreathers – is diver safety.

The first SCR in TDI’s course list was the Draeger Atlantis. The first CCR unit TDI ever approved was the Inspiration Classic; for you old timers that should bring back some memories! These RBs, in hindsight, were pretty straight forward and, of course, not nearly as sophisticated as today’s units. The Atlantis when first released did not even have a PO2 monitoring device; everything relied on a pre-dive checklist that had to be followed. This was also the case with the original Inspiration; however, it did have two (primary and back-up) monitoring devices for PO2.

TDI now has 11 CCR rebreathers on our list. We have come a long way since 2001:

  • Inspiration,
  • Poseidon MK VI Discovery,
  • Evolution,
  • KISS (Classic and Sport),
  • Optima,
  • Megalodon,
  • Titan,
  • Ourboros,
  • Sentinel,
  • Pelegian and
  • rEvo.

Each of these units has their own unique features and applications, and just like open circuit (OC) equipment, each competes to appeal to your personal preferences. For the first time in many years, we have also added a new SCR, the KISS GEM, along with three other SCRs. SCRs certainly have their place in our industry and a market that enjoys their use and simplicity.

We are also very proud to announce that we will be adding two more units to our list: the PRISM II and the Explorer (an active SCR). The PRISM II is an updated model of the PRISM TOPAZ and is now being built and distributed by American Underwater Products (AUP).

So where does all this leave you, the diving professional wanting to step into the world of rebreathers? It leaves you in a position with a lot of good choices but ones that need to be researched… which means you get to do some diving! Most, if not all, of these manufacturers put on events that allow you to try the rebreathers, or you could contact a local TDI rebreather instructor and see if they are putting on a try dive for the SCR or CCR that they are certified to teach on.

Where does this leave the already certified TDI SCR or CCR instructor? You are also in a very good place. Lots of marketing effort is being put into the new products to create brand awareness which means that customers are hearing about them. Your job is to partner with and capitalize on those marketing efforts by the manufacturers and start to capture those customer leads.

TDI will continue to stay on the leading edge of the rebreather training market, and as we do we will send out releases of approved units. We will also add them to our unit specific standards so you can find the list in the member section of our website.

To learn more about the benefits that rebreather training will bring to you and your facility contact your Regional Manager in the US or internationally – visit for the Regional Office serving you.

Once you run deep and you run silent, it will be difficult to turn back!

Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show, SDI-TDI & You!

Outdoor Adventure ShowCome by and say “Hi,” at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto on Feb 24th-26th at the International Centre – Hall “5” (Booth 719).

During the consumer show hours, we will be there primarily to support our dive centers in the area as well as answer questions about the agency and promote the different scuba courses offered by our facilities.

SDI will have Steve Moore, Regional Manager for Eastern Canada, available to discuss how you can increase the different avenues of opportunities with SDI, TDI and/or ERDi. Find out if one or all three agencies fit your business model.

On Friday at 6pm, we will have a “meet and greet” opportunity for all the dealers to meet up and share questions, discussions and find out what is in store for 2012 in our private suite.

Contact Steve Moore for more questions; or (888) 778-9073.

For additional information, please also see the article from this month’s SDI News.

Our World Underwater

February 17 – 19, 2012
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL

SDI and TDO Global PresencePlan now to visit the SDI™, TDI™ and ERDI™ at this classic show! Visit booth number 711 to learn what is new and what is coming soon to a training center near you!

Make sure to ask for an invite to attend the informative seminar about SDI™ TDI™ and ERDI™.
Many area Dive Centers and Training Facilities will also be offering informative seminars at the show regarding SDI™, TDI™ and ERDI™ programs.

Our World Underwater starts to give us hope that not too far down the road we will be stowing our ice diving gear, storing the dry suit and soon breaking out the appropriate neoprene!

Check out the GREAT selection of eLearning options from SDI™, TDI™ and ERDI™ – a wonderful way to get past cold winter nights and get ready for SPRING!

Many will be packing up to visit SDI™, TDI™ and ERDI™ Resorts long before the hard water (read ice) returns to its fluid state. Ask us where you may want to go…

Meet Shawn Harrison, Regional Manager for the Midwest on Sunday at 1:00 PM Room #56 for a meet and greet. Shawn will be going over a Members’ Update as well as discussing use and functionality of our new website. Not a member? Not to worry…stop by anyway and we will be more than happy to introduce SDI, TDI and ERDi to you as a diver or a diving professional.

To learn more about this show visit or contact for additional information. Tell your non Pro Member friends to give us a look… we’re confident they will like what they see!

SDI TDI Global Presence Continues on the Path to Growth

Excellent Worldwide Regional Offices Attend Shows to Support Local Members

SDI and TDO Global PresenceSDI™ TDI™ Regional Offices are making a splash at two major European Dive Shows.

Over the next 4 weeks, SDI™ TDI™ will be participating and displaying at two major European Dive Shows: BOOT Show in Dusseldorf, Germany and EUDI in Milan, Italy.

Messe Dusseldorf will be the location of BOOT 2012 where SDI™ TDI™ Germany will be displaying from January 21st through January 29th on stand 3F60 in Hall 3. Spread amongst 17 halls, BOOT Dusseldorf expects 1600 exhibitors from over 50 countries and SDI™ TDI™ will be there!

Fiera Milano Rho will be the location of EUDI 2012 where SDI™ TDI™ Italy will be displaying from February 16th through February 19th. This will be the 20th EUDI show in Milan where SDI™ TDI™ Italy will be found in Pavilion 6 on stand K37.

For more information about either of these shows or other International happenings please contact or visit to contact either SDI™ TDI™ Germany or SDI™ TDI™ Italy.

To learn how you can join the worldwide growing family of SDI™ TDI™ Professionals please visit or call 207.729.4201.

NEW Florida HQ to Host First Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW)

Be part of this historic program … if you are ready to accept the challenge!

New Florida Head QuartersWe are extremely pleased with our move, and now it is time to continue business as usual with our 1st ITW located in our new office at Jensen Beach, Florida. We know many Pro Members are eager to further advance their professional credentials and ratings in education. Now you can further your training as a leader in scuba and enjoy the Florida sun at the same time.

We have selected the following dates for the ITW which will be held in Jensen Beach, Florida –
April 23rd-30th.

For more information, please contact Cris Merz ( at HQ or your Regional Manager for details. To learn more about all of the programs available visit or call 207.729.4201

Join Scuba Diving International (SDI) Team at Meadowlands New Jersey BTS show



Join Scuba Diving International (SDI) Team at BTS show later this month for informative FREE seminars!

Beneath the Sea is the season wake-up call for divers in the Northeast and it is when the Scuba Diving International Group of agencies will launch the main thrust its 2010 consumer promotions, so come out and join us!
“Beneath the Sea has always been a very important consumer show for the dive industry, and for SDI, TDI and ERDI,” says Cris Merz. “This year our focus on this event is going to be stronger than ever, and we are inviting divers and dive industry professionals to help us talk up all aspects of diving from try-dives to public safety diving and the most advanced technical programs.”
Merz, who is National Sales Manager for SDI, TDI and ERDI, explains that at the Secaucus, NJ show later this month, he will be joined by other staff members making a series of consumer oriented presentations from Friday through Sunday.
“On Friday, March 26, we are making presentations on aspects of both Technical Diving and Public Safety Diving. These are part of the special workshops being hosted by BTS organizers. On Sunday we will be presenting the Six Secrets of Solo Diving and What You Will Learn from an Intro-to-Tech Program. These two hour-long seminars are specifically aimed at divers and present some no-nonsense answers to the questions we get asked about diving independently and what technical diving is all about. ”
Merz says that these presentations have proved very popular with both divers and dive pros at other dive shows across North America and Europe. “They seem to hit a sweet spot with audiences and have generated a huge interest in both SDI and TDI programs.”
During the March 26 – 28 show, Merz explains there will also be a Member’s Update for SDI, TDI and ERDI Instructors and Instructor-Trainers in the Embassy Suites Hotel, and an SDI, TDI, ERDI orientation for dive professionals in the same meeting room.
“The orientation is a great opportunity for people to find out for themselves why so many dive professionals from DM up to ITs are rapidly joining our organization.”
The SDI, TDI, ERDI orientation is open to divers who currently hold professional ratings with any recognized dive agency or divers who are interested in becoming a dive professional
Merz invites you to join the SDI, TDI and ERDI Team and asks people interested in attending the member update or the orientation to pre-register by dropping him an email because space is limited. (
MARK THESE TIMES IN YOUR SCHEDULE (these presentations and seminars will be held in Embassy Suites Hotel next to Meadowlands Convention Center on SUNDAY March 28):
Six Secrets of Solo Diving 11 am – noon
What You Will Learn from Intro-to-Tech: noon- 1 pm
Member Update (SDI, TDI, ERDI): 1 pm – 2 pm
SDI, TDI, ERDI Orientation Seminar: 2 pm – 4 pm
For full details regarding BTS presentations and seminars, visit:


Diver Clicks… February 2010

Take a look at the response/ click through rate of divers “just like your customers” from stories in our Monthly Dive Log for February 2010.

You can use this information to help you decide what courses and other dive-related activities to promote in your store to help you earn greater profits for you and your facility!

After each distribution of The Dive Log, The Official Associate Member Newsletter we compile the results and report and share them with you. They say that knowledge is POWER so more power to you! Need help bridging how to make this information pay off for you but not quite sure how? Contact us, we can help, reach out for your Regional Manager or drop us a line at



17.2DIVE TIPS: Boat Diving


TECH WEEK: Diving with TDI in the Florida Keys
13.4FIND BRIAN PROMOTION: Win a prize by finding our company president on a dive boat


11.1TECH TRAINING WITH RICHIE AND CAPT GARY: Tech Training in the Upper Keys


SEE US AT THE SHOWS: Schedules for local consumer dive shows across NA

08.2CCR BAILOUT STRATEGY: Guest Column from Lamar Hires
07.3NOW WAVING THE FLAG: Belize dive operation offering SDI and TDI


Figures reflect percentage of total “hits” for specific web pages on our site


More With Less!


Now there is a question that can conjure up a myriad of emotions!
What if we told you we are talking about MORE PROFITS?
Here you are at the beginning of yet another year, winter surrounds you (if you are one of our many members in North America) and you are thinking to yourself: “How am I going to do a better job at managing my business and making more money this year?”
Here is a quick read intended to generate some thought and to get you started towards increased profitability.
Look around your business, how many brands do you support? Pick any category, how many Dive suits? Gear bags? Ask yourself: “Can I do more with less?”  And: “Why would I want to?
  • 1.    Fewer vendors means easier to hit higher buying levels, therefore more gross profit.
  • 2.    You and your business become more important to the brands you do support.
  • 3.    FFA is now more obtainable
  • 4.    Less paperwork to process, easier faster receiving, faster bill pay, less bookkeeping
  • 5.    Narrower selection means greater depth, helps avoid “out of stock” situations.
  • 6.    Helps avoid extra charges for “expedited freight” to remedy stock shortages.
  • 7.    Permits greater focus to “specialized equipment” that fits your geographic region and your training philosophy.
Think it through thoroughly and do not react emotionally, as the saying goes “sleep on it”. Before you make a major adjustment to your business, inventory or approaches discuss it with fellow staff, key customers. Time is on your side because if you choose to take this course of action it will take some time to “profitably” make inventory adjustments. After all this IS NOT the market to “blow out inventory” it is crucial you maximize your cash flow and yes your gross profit from each and every sale.
Want to test the concept out of doing more with less? Start with your diver training. You already have access to one of our three Agencies, Scuba Diving International™, Technical Diving International™ and Emergency Response Diving International™ ask yourself the question “Am I maximizing my opportunity, am I taking advantage of teaching all the classes I and my fellow staff qualify for? Am I meeting market demand for instruction?”
If you have any doubt that you are not getting the most from the training you offer reach out and contact us. Let us share with you what other successful facilities are doing with their training! Here is a hint…what are you doing with Intro to Tech? How about Solo Diver? As we undertake the most aggressive travel schedule ever doing more consumer shows then ever we are quickly learning that when we offer these seminars to the general diving public the room is filling up with interested divers!
Why not offer an Intro to Tech or a Solo Diver presentation in your store? You’ll find that the Q&A that follows will scream of opportunity!
Yes you can do more with less! Just look around and figure out to do more with what you have! Be they brands, agencies and most important of all …your customers!
Contact your Regional manager today or reach out to Cris Merz at and let us help you get the most out of the training you offer!