Fall 2014 Instructor Trainer Workshop

ITW candidates

From left to right: President – Brian Carney, Darrel Adams, David Scott Sanders, Sean Meadows, John Bentley, Instructor Trainer Evaluator – Lauren Kieren, Sean Hidalgo, Antonio MacKenney, Thomas Powell, Vice President – Sean Harrison

On September 22nd through September 29th, 2014 International Training conducted an Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW) at World Headquarters in Southern Florida. This eight day program hones in on fundamental teaching and evaluation techniques, the business of diving, marketing instructor level courses and more. The program’s overall goal is to provide the candidates with the necessary resources and tools to successfully create the next generation of SDI TDI ERDI Instructors. This course proved to be intense and challenging, but also very rewarding; finalizing the program with new enthusiastic Instructor Trainers in the field, reenergized Instructor Trainers who assisted in the program, and two new Instructor Trainer Evaluators to conduct ITWs around the world. Overall it was a great success and we are excited to share a quick recap with you…

ITW: DAY 1 – Did the Instructor Trainer Workshop start in the classroom going through hours of lectures? Not a chance… We kicked off the ITW by going diving! The candidates and HQ staff members participated in two exhibition dives; a wreck and reef dive off the Florida coast. Candidates received a warm welcome in the 26ᵒC / 80ᵒF water temperature with groupers, sharks, and turtles around.

THE WORKSHOP – The Instructor Trainer Workshop is a performance based program structured around transforming experienced Instructors into Instructor Trainers. This transition is a timely process with a primary focus on methods of instruction and evaluation techniques in the classroom, pool, and open water environment. This progression in training starts with building the structure and foundation of Instructor Trainer level evaluations, evolving into evaluations presented within a standardized grading criterion to ensure global consistency in the development of future SDI-TDI-ERDI Instructors.

Throughout the program, candidates were granted a behind-the-scenes look at the dive industry by working directly with HQ staff members and spending time with both International Training’s President, Brian Carney and Vice President, Sean Harrison.

Alongside the general course topic requirements, this program consisted of numerous brain storming sessions on the future of diving and how to enhance and revive the overall industry; the International Training HQ staff members were able to sit down and listen to the voice of some of the most active instructors in the field, and gain their insight on how to progress and enhance SDI-TDI-ERDI training programs. We heard a lot of fantastic ideas, so keep a watchful eye… There will be exciting things to come!

INSTRUCTOR TRAINER EVALUATORS – Throughout the Instructor Trainer Workshop, International Training conducted a separate program to develop two Instructor Trainer Evaluators (ITE’s) to conduct ITWs around the world. The two ITE candidates have been with International Training for many years, have a proven track record of developing quality Instructors, and have viable markets in their region for potential growth and development of Instructor Trainers.

As the Instructor Trainer Workshop and Instructor Trainer Evaluator sessions come to an end, we want to thank those who participated; whether you joined as a student, assistant, or observer – your continued effort and support is what drives SDI-TDI-ERDI forward.

For more information on the Instructor Trainer Workshop or to learn about the application requirements and process for the next program, contact training@tdisdi.com for details.