Who is ERDI?

ERDI Mission Statement

To train public safety officials how to reduce the number of water related incidents by providing water safety education and awareness, swift water rescue, dive rescue and recovery services, and water rescue / dive recovery consulting by producing educational materials using cutting edge technology and sound educational practices.

ERDI is the Public Safety diving (PSD) agency that trains Police, Fire and other public safety organizations in Search and Rescue techniques in just about every submerged environment known.   ERDI trains departments on how to make and maintain their own PSD teams along with being the only Public Safety diving training agency that has their own insurance that endorses its own standards. All ERDI programs are OSHA and NFPA compliant. In fact, some of the largest successful and renown departments use ERDI Programs to conduct their training.

Helping Public Safety Professionals, into — and out, of the water!

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Recreational Scuba Training and Certification Agency

SDI Mission Statement

To introduce people to the magic of the underwater world through their professional members around the globe by producing educational materials using cutting edge technology and sound educational practices. SDI is an honest global scuba diving training organization that has developed courses with integrity ranging from beginner snorkeling to professional levels.

SDI was created in 1998 and grew out of the success of our sister company TDI, which specializes in the more advanced disciplines of dive training.

Both students and instructors have embraced the no nonsense approach that the SDI training system offers. We have streamlined the course materials to let students study the essential academics with an emphasis on practical diving skills learned in both the pool and open water environments. SDI is the only scuba training and certification agency to require students to be taught with modern dive computers from the onset of training.

SDI course materials are state-of-the-art; the materials are lavishly illustrated with photography and graphics.

Diving is constantly changing. SDI staff is always looking forward and striving to be the innovators in scuba diving education. SDI focus is to make the experience of diving one that is enjoyed by every family member.

SDI staff are all active divers; and want to share the love of the sport. Get Certified.