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New eLearning Signup Process

We’ve revamped our eLearning sign up process to make it easier on all parties involved and to help everyone out as we transition into this new process we made some videos to walk you through our new sign-up process.


Experience the Magic

When people think scuba diving they my not think of New Zealand right way. What you don’t know is how much you’re missing out by not putting it at the very top of your scuba bucket list!

How to Guide to Instagram Contest

Running an Instagram Giveaway: A How to Guide

You may have seen that recently we hosted a giveaway on our TDI Instagram account. Are you wondering how we did it and more importantly how YOU can replicate it on your own Instagram account? We’re here to help!

Diving Pioneers and Innovators

Diving Pioneers

Blue Steel Scuba: Cylinder Recognizition

We’re very excited to announce that we are now recognized by Blue Steel Scuba as a cylinder inspection agency. This means our Visual Inspection Course is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Compressed Gas Association (CGA), Transport Canada (TC) and other regulating bodies.

Kate Heller

I’m originally from the Chicago area in Illinois and graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Spanish and a minor in Scuba diving.  I earned my Open Water certification in 2013 and my passion for diving has grown ever since.  Once I graduated college I started working at DJ’s Scuba Locker Inc. where my career took off and I was able to explore areas of diving that initially I didn’t know were a possibility.

Protected: Mission Tech Kickoff Giveaway

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Mission Tech Survey


A Legacy Life

Buddy has been referred to by many as an icon in the dive industry and will be sorely missed by everyone he has come into contact with. His favorite sales pitch to non-divers was “we only get to see 1/3 of Gods beautiful creation topside, the other 2/3 is below the surface, so you have to go diving!”