How to purchase and generate eLearning codes online

Now you can purchase and instantly generate eLearning codes on our website!

In late October we unveiled our brand new website. This was the product of an immense amount of effort on behalf of our entire team at International Training and we couldn’t possibly be more thrilled to see our new and improved website come to life.

Most of the update was on the infrastructure of the system, to prepare us for new features in the near future. The infrastructure gives us the ability to quickly adapt to security and functionality features to ensure our members and divers are getting the best experience.

We have already added an important new feature for our facilities in certain regions* though!

Facility administrators can now purchase codes that are instantly generated, 24 hours a day! To access this new feature, log in as a facility administrator, navigate to the codes manager, and click the green button in the top right corner that says “generate codes.” You’ll be able to select your codes and have them generated as soon as you click!

*Please contact your regional office with questions regarding this tool’s availability. This tool is only available to facility administrators.

How to use our new instant eLearning code generation functionality

  1. Log in to your profile at
  2. In the upper right corner, adjust the dropdown menu to select the Facility Administrator profile level.
  3. On the left side of the page in the blue menu, scroll down to and click on Manage eLearning Codes
  4. Click the small green button that says + Purchase Codes
  5. Select the facility you want to purchase codes under from the dropdown menu
  6. Follow prompts to select the type and quantity of codes you’d like to generate.

There’s more to come with our website. You’ll be seeing a flurry of new translations, including languages that read right-to-left, new tools for instructors, facilities and divers, and as always, awesome new blog content to keep you informed and learning.


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