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Tim Wagner

Introducing Tim Wagner

Tim Wagner is joining SDI/TDI/ERDI as the Southwest/Hawaii Regional Manager.

9 Ways Your Store Can Increase Sales and Revenue

What worked yesterday may not work today so it may be time to reinvent ourselves – again.


Why Should They Tip Me?

Take a hard look and ask yourself, “What are we doing well, and what can we do better?”


eLearning Signup Through Your Facility: Now What?

This can be exciting and a little intimidating if you do not have experience working with eLearning students.


Tools and Resources for Facilities

Often when a new dive center joins the SDI-TDI-ERDI family there is a bit of a learning curve with all the new tools and resources that they now have access to.


Closing the Deal

A few things you may be doing wrong with your customers… and you don’t even know it.