Professional Level eNewsletter

Here is a recap of some of the innovations we have launched since this time last year

Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™
are working hard for you and our industry
  • Store Flags for SDI/TDI/ERDI (2×3 feet and 4×6 feet)
  • New Facility Stickers
  • TOP TEN REASONS Brochures
    • Top Ten Reasons to Dive SDI
    • Top Ten Reasons to Dive TDI
    • Top Ten Reasons to Teach SDI
    • Top Ten Reasons to Teach TDI
  • NEW modern style Jackets for SDI/TDI/ERDI
  • NEW polo shirts for SDI/TDI/ERDI
  • Custom Promotional Banners (20X60 full color outdoor vinyl)
  • eNewsletter for associate members, monthly
  • Pro-level eNewsletter, monthly
  • Custom Survey Service… Business Tools for Pro-members
  • Website updates (Member’s Area) including improved online student registration
  • Student pics on C-Cards
  • Online Leadership Crossover
  • Advanced Adventure Package
    • diver manual, instructor guide, instructor resource CD
  • Intro to Tech Package
    • diver manual, instructor guide, Instructor resource CD
  • Open Water Manual in Chinese
  • Rescue Diving Manual in Chinese
Of course, this list is constantly growing and we have added experienced staff to our in-House Product Development Team and it is working on an aggressive new product launch schedule for 2009.
When you renew membership, please update your contact details to be sure you receive the latest news from your business partners at SDI, TDI and ERDI

Business Services + Education

Brought to you by Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™

Our business is developing yours. That is the driving mission assigned to all departments tasked with Business Development for Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™. This group of innovative, forward looking diver education professionals fully recognizes the path to sustainable growth means assisting its current members to meet their goals and aspirations.

In light of changes in the financial outlook, you will notice a whole new level of focus and attention given to business education and services by our family of agencies. We feel this shift is part of our maturation as a company and our continued commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

While many put emphasis and pound the drum for constant growth through your entry level classes, our take on growing your profits is not as short-sighted. You know that retaining the customers you already have acquired is equally, if not more important to your long term success. Continued success in business, in challenging economic times, requires you to retain existing customers and also focus on innovative ways to recruit and motivate new divers. Think of it as a double edge sword that must be regularly sharpened; in this case the edges are retention and recruitment, and helping to keep it sharp is our job.

Having discussed the need for ongoing business assistance with our members and staff we have instituted a program to help you in the day to day challenges of running your business.

The following services are made available to all members in good standing, some fees may apply. Please visit with your Regional Manager to arrange a situational assessment and see what options are available to you.

SDI/TDI Business Series – Introduced at DEMA 2008 Las Vegas. This series of business discussions and seminars are structured to respond to the comments and current needs of our members. This business series will be scheduled throughout the USA in conjunction with many consumer dive shows. See our website for scheduled programs.

Pro Member Newsletter – Is e-mailed monthly to all members in good standing in this publication you will find ongoing business articles and a reader favorite “Divers Clicks” an analysis of what divers report to us they want!

Associate Member Newsletter – Is e-mailed to an ever growing number of certified divers, certified below the leadership level. Articles in this publication are targeted to motivate the reader to “go get wet”.

On-Line Industry Surveys – Permit us to gauge and help our members plan and strategize how to capitalize on the current business environment.

OnLine Consumer Surveys – Gives us the opportunity to communicate to our members the plans and sentiments of the end consumer, our divers.

Professional Market Analysis and Business Goal Setting for Retail Partners – Is made available in an individual and confidential basis with recommendations that are customized to the recipient. This service calls upon the extensive business expertise of an industry seasoned group of individuals. While the process is lead by a lead contact many will contribute, to maintain confidentiality only the Team leader knows the identity. Fees for this service may apply.

Regional Managers Field Visits – On going on site visit and training sessions can be arranged directly with your Regional Manager, yet another benefit of membership with our family of agencies.

We use electronic communications extensively, and we invite you to stay informed by keeping your contact information up to date. Please visit the member’s only exclusive area on our website ( regularly to make sure we have your latest contact information.

Status of eLearning Program


SDI Online /eLearning offers more…

            More Participants… 60,000 plus and growing daily

            More Online Courses… the eLearning Curriculum includes Open Water (the industry’s original and best online program).  Deep, Navigation, Wreck, and Computer Nitrox are also now available, which means you are able to offer students enrolled in the SDI Advanced Diver Development Program a completely online interactive classroom experience.

            More Branding of YOUR store… SDI online eLearning system brands YOUR store and keeps your name and store logo in front of your customers as they complete the interactive portion of their training.

            More Branding of YOUR products… the equipment lines YOU carry and that you want your customers to buy from you are loaded into the system. You select what students see as they complete their program and when they come into your store for the course review and instructor-lead portion, you can present your lines with confidence and work to close the sale. This feature puts inventory control at your finger tips… ask us how.

            More Profit… SDI offers the highest Gross Profit in the industry. No sleight of hand, no fuzzy logic, just the best deal for you and your bottom line.

            More Control of your cash flow and your business. SDI is in the business of helping you to develop your business. That’s the promise from our team of industry insiders. SDI’s online / eLearning system was built “in-house” by our team of software developers under the direction of our team of business consultants. Every unique feature of the system is built to deliver the maximum benefit to your business and your customer satisfaction rating.

            More Referrals… In a recent survey of grads from SDI’s online eLearning program, more than 80 percent told us that they would be likely or very likely to recommend SDI online eLearning to a friend or family member. That’s the sort of word of mouth endorsement that will impact your store’s bottom line in a very positive way.

Scuba Travel International Benefits

·         Members can have a PROFITABLE and readymade travel desk in their store with the minimum of time and effort
·         Huge savings when member facilities combine introductory specials with SDI/TDI products and services orders. See your Regional Manager for full details!
·         STI knows the destinations it sells so customers get no surprises
FAQ Section if it will fit format
Scuba Travel International Services
Customized Group Travel
·         STI wholesales for a wide range of properties in the Caribbean and throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Let us help you tailor a customized group travel program exclusively for your store.
Risk Free Escorted Group Travel Program
·         No deposit requirements!
·         No minimum numbers!
·         No penalties!
You can sell a full travel calendar immediately
The SDI Commitment to you:
  • Help your dive center build a profitable and dynamic travel business.
  • Work hard to make you look good.
  • Offer competitive NET pricing to maximize profit potential.
  • Manage and monitor all organizational and logistical trip matters so you don’t have to.
  • Offer guidance selecting destinations and resorts best suited to your clientele.
  • Help you to develop new and exciting travel opportunities to offer your clients.
  • Respect your relationships with your clients and act as a silent partner (NO POACHING).
  • Assist in the pre-trip process with marketing suggestions and materials.
  • Develop in-depth pre-trip informational packets that can be customized to your clients.
  • Offer tips and training based on over 25 years of experience.
  • Post-trip follow up — it is as important to us as it is to you that your trips are successful!



Here is an exciting NEW Tool that will help you exceed even your most demanding customers “need for speed” when it comes to receiving their certification!




·  Student’s photo printed on the card

·  Your store logo printed on  the card

·  Your name in front of your customer

·  Make 68 percent plus Gross Profit on every card and certificate you sell

·  Enjoy the highest customer satisfaction ratings

·  Reap the benefits of increased customer referrals


Ask us for FULL details and Learn how you can have your own new profit center today.

ISCP Package Includes: 

  • Printer (DataCard SP35)
  • Ribbon (DataCard YMCKT) est. number of images 500
  • Initial Set-up Assistance
  • One year (from date of purchase) Tech Support
  • 100* C-Card Blanks – Mix and Match  Choose from Scuba Diving International™ (SDI), Technical Diving International™ (TDI) and Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI) that your Facility is Qualified to Teach at no additional cost 

*ADD ADDITIONAL C-CARDS as priced below. 


(MSR for this package is more than $4.000!)

A special message about DEMA specials…

Now YOU can take advantage of these specials even if you will NOT be attending the show…

Place your order during DEMA 2008 (October 22 thru 25) and we will honor these deals…


dema specialsDEMA SPECIAL... OCT 22 to 25

Diver Survey, October 2008

In the October issue of Dive Log, the monthly eNewsletter sent out to graduates of Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International courses, we included an invitation to complete an online survey. These people are your customers and so we thought you would be interested in what they have to say about themselves and about SDI and TDI.

First of all, we designed the survey to be short and to the point, and we had two specific goals in mind for the data we hoped the survey would collect for us. First we wanted to find out if the readers of Dive Log were active divers, and we wanted to know if continuing education was part of their plans for the coming year. We also wanted to know what percentage of them had taken an SDI online eLearning course and what they thought of it.

Responses were good, much better than we expected since there was no incentive for respondents to complete the survey. In fact the percentage of invitees who completed all eight questions was above the average expected in this type of survey, and the data was collected over a period of 14 days. The invitation to take part was distributed to associate members of SDI and TDI with registered addresses in Canada or the USA. Responses were anonymous and we feel offer good insight to the views of our audience (your customers). In case you are interested in these things the margin of error in our results is approximately plus or minus five percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The questions asked were as follows.

1. Please tell us your highest current certification level. If your particular certification is not shown precisely, pick one that you feel is close

2. Please tell us how often you dive… use your habits during the twelve months.           

3 Please tell us the type of dive you most commonly take part in. If there are two choices that are equally relevant, please choose the one you enjoy most.

4. Please tell us which course is in your future plans.

5. Please give us an idea of when you plan to take an SDI or TDI course.                

6. Please tell us how often you visit Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International’s website.

7. Please tell us how you feel about our online eLearning courses.                    

8. Please take a few moments to tell us what courses or programs you would like to see added to or changed in the SDI, TDI curriculum.


And here are some of the results and our interpretation of them.

We expected a fair cross-section of experience levels with a weighting towards open water divers. The results told a different story. Only slightly more than 10 percent of Dive Log readers are Open Water divers or Open Water divers with some specialties. More than one quarter are Advanced Adventure through Rescue Divers. More than 30 percent are technical divers with only 5.45 percent trained in CCR.

As one would expect, since the audience were all certified divers, we asked them about additional courses. What surprised us a little was that more than 80 percent said they were going to take some sort of Continuing Ed Dive course within the next 12 months… more than half of those (40 percent of the total) said that course was planned for the next one to two months.

That’s a lot of opportunity to teach! The courses garnering the most interest were SDI Specialties and TDI Advanced Nitrox or Decompression Procedures with SDI Leadership a close second. TDI Divemaster, SDI Nitrox and Intro-to-Tech were the next most popular. We leave you to draw your own conclusions on this information, but if there is something on this list you are not pushing in your store, you are missing potential sales from the majority of your graduates. If continuing education is not a large part of your marketing, it should be.

Our readers, your customers, are active divers. Almost 22 percent told us they dive every week, and almost 40 percent dive at least once a month!

We asked what type of diving they participated in… from the social point of view. Close to 37 percent dive with their local dive shop or club. Do you have a “dive team” centered in your store? 

Almost 48 percent travel to dive with a regular buddy. Are you promoting dive trips and dive vacations?

Online eLearning received good press. Of the total respondents who had taken an online course (we did not specify open water or SDI Specialties), which was about 15 percent, four out of five of them told us they would recommend the course and online eLearning to a friend or family member. That means an 80 percent approval rating for online training. You are promoting online eLearning aren’t you?

Not all the comments we collected were positive. A few Dive Log readers asked us why we do not have MORE online courses! One complained about the price of an Extended Range class, but admitted we have nothing to do with setting course prices. And we were asked to provide more Tshirt designs and Tees cut for women. All constructive suggestions that we will react to.

October dive log


Traveling with your habit… five quick tips to help you get the most from your scuba vacation

How’s the diving in your area now that summer has wrapped up?

Fall has truly arrived here in the Northeast. The leaves have changed color now and the days are getting shorter; and while local diving is still a reality for the avid wreck divers among us – fall really is the best time to dive the east coast as long as those pesky hurricanes stay out of our hood – October heralds the beginning of DIVE TRAVEL season for the majority of sport divers.

We thought it fitting to share some of the secrets and “professional tips” the crowd here at SDI, TDI Headquarters have learned in their globe-trotting dive adventures.

photo courtesy Stahlsac



First divers visit wreck of Portland in 400+ feet of water!


The steamship Portland was lost in the November, 1998 storm that sank more than 140 vessels and became known as the Portland Gale.
The Portland itself measured 291 feet in total length with a beam of 68 feet. It was built in 1889 by the New England Shipbuilding Company of Bath, just a few miles from TDI HQ! And the association continues as one of our IT’s Tom Huff, tells us about the first dives on what was one of New England’s largest and most luxurious side paddle wheel steamships.


Please help us to serve you better!

Take a few minutes to complete a short online survey for SDI, TDI. It should take you less than five minutes and your input will help us give you a better online experience.

Titanic’s Last Secrets… get your autographed copy at DEMA

Brad Matsen’s new book Titanic’s Last Secrets: the further adventures of shadow divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler is the hottest dive-related title to be released this season.

Both John and Richie will be at our booth at DEMA (149) signing and personalizing copies.
Need more details… then drop by the SDI, TDI, ERDI booth at the show and see a full schedule of appearances by two of the dive industry’s most well-known ambassadors. Can’t make it to Las Vegas later this month for DEMA… then pre-order your SIGNED copy NOW! But hurry, numbers are LIMITED and it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

When things go wrong, make sure you do right!

whoopsOnce again, we bring you a story from Diving Adventure Magazine, voted by readers the best diving travel magazine on the market today! This month’s article asks the question: What would you do if you surfaced only to find your ride back to port and a waiting meal, warm shower and cold refreshment GONE? Senior Editor Bret Gilliam has some answers and, in his usual inimitable style, spins a cautionary tale.

Bret’s article, is typical of the quality and content you’ll find in all the articles in Diving Adventure Magazine, which is now published four times a year.

Reading Diving Adventure Magazine is the next best thing to actually diving, so you may want to consider what you are missing by not subscribing!

Read article as a pdf (large file)>>>

Subscribe to DAMagazine here>>>


annie photoDiving for everyone in Southern California has something for everyone…     

For most people, a vacation in Southern California means wandering around small beach towns, theme parks and zoos, a trip to see the sites of Hollywood, and a spell appreciating freeway traffic. But for scuba divers, it’s a different story. This part of the country offers some of the most varied diving available.
Waters off this coast are cool – expect winter temperatures in the 50s – but the cooler water means wildlife in abundance. The cast includes wall to wall invertebrates, huge schools of bait fish that are as mesmerizing as they are beautiful, lots of large palagics, and the stars of the show for many, sea lions: the practical jokers of the marine mammal world.  And if critters are not your thing, Southern California boasts some fine and historic shipwrecks… accidental and, like the HMCS Yukon, a 366-foot long decommissioned Canadian destroyer sunk in 2000, intentional wrecks to boost the thriving fishing and diving tourism industry.


Not too late to sign up for DEMA seminars and instructor programs… but do it now!


Calling all leadership and industry professionals attending the DEMA Show 2008 in Las Vegas later this month. SDI, TDI and ERDI are sponsoring several workshops, seminars, instructor crossovers and instructor programs during the week of October 21 to 25. If you are attending the show but have not checked out what opportunities we have on offer, please click on the link below.

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October Dive Clickers

The October issue of Dive Log received the highest click-through rate of any previous eNewsletter. More than that, we received more requests for new subscriptions in the two-week period following its distribution than we usually process in a month.

Take a look at the response/ click through rate of divers “just like your customers” from stories in our Monthly Dive Log

You can use this information to help you decide what courses and other dive-related activities to promote in your store to help you earn greater profits for you and your facility!

After each distribution of The Dive Log, The official Associate Member Newsletter we compile the results and report and share them with you. They say that knowledge is POWER so more power to you! Need help bridging how to make this information pay off for you but not quite sure how? Contact us we can help, reach out for your Regional Manager or drop us a line at


























Figures reflect percentage of total “hits” for specific web pages on our site



SDI, TDI supports Ships to Reefs International… it’s simply good business

 Like us, you probably enjoy diving in and around wrecks. They make spectacular dive sites and wreck diving one of the better ways to keep our divers — new and old — engaged and diving. How could we not support an international organization that works with the industry to turn old ships into brand new artificial reefs?

For the record, we will be bringing more news about Ships to Reefs International to our members and associate members in the coming months but for the record, here is the official release from Ships to Reefs talking about what they have planned for DEMA. If need more information about how to join SDI, TDI in their supporting role, drop by booth 149 at the show and talk with SDI, TDI staff.


Ships to Reefs International (S2RI) announces it will exhibit at DEMA Show 2008, October 22-25, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada – Booth #4837.   Ships to Reefs International will host ships-to-reefs professionals from around the world.  Each professional will make short presentations about their project(s) and be available to discuss how ships to reefs is an economic benefit to the dive industry.  In addition, these professionals will share, free of charge, their ships-to-reefs “how-to” information with anyone who asks for it at the booth.

Some of the groups who will be participating in the Ships to Reefs International booth #4837 exhibit are:  The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia; Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting;  California Ships to Reefs;  Washington Ships 2 Reefs (Washington Scuba Alliance);  various other state programs (Delaware, Florida, Texas).

The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia (ARSBC) is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Their mission is to create environmentally- and economically-sustainable artificial reefs in British Columbia and around the world for the enjoyment of Scuba Divers and for the protection of environmentally- and historically-sensitive marine habitats.  Since 1991, the ARSBC has sunk 6 ships and one Boeing 737 in British Columbia.  In addition, they were instrumental in the preparation and sinking of the HMCS Yukon in San Diego, California.

Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting, headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, is a team of experts in artificial reef procurement, recycling, safety, placement and permitting.  They have been involved in many artificial reef projects in British Columbia and other Canadian provinces, Australia, New Zealand, and were also part of the HMCS Yukon project.

California Ships to Reefs (CS2R), Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Benefit Corporation formed to make the Golden State a world-class diving destination utilizing environmentally cleaned vessels from sources such as the military, private sector and fishing industry.

The Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) is committed to working with officials of State, County, City, and Local Departments, and volunteer divers to establish a series of underwater parks that divers and snorkelers may enjoy.  WSA strives to create a unified group of divers such as dive clubs, dive stores, and charter operators who work together on reefing projects.

Presentations from Delaware, Florida and Texas programs will be available in the Ships to Reefs International booth.

World renowned professionals from this group will make presentations in the Ships to Reefs International booth and include Howard Robins, President of the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia; Jay Straith, President of Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting;  Roy Gabriel, Vice President-Sinking Operations of Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting; Wes Roots, Vice President – Ship Operations of Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting; Dick Long, Chief Advisor of California Ships to Reefs, Inc.

Howard Robins and Jay Straith will present three seminars which are free to everyone attending DEMA Show 2008.  A synopsis of these seminars is shown below: 

October 23, 2008 from 10-11am which is free to all attendees and exhibitors.   The title of this seminar is “Ships to Reefs:  Going Global with Ships to Reefs”.

The movement in the diving industry and global tourism towards Ships to Reefs is not just a North American event.  This program has spread to South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Howie Robins, President of the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, will take you through the history of this concept and talk about how you can get Ships to Reefs and improve diving tourism in your area.

October 24, 2008 from 10-11am which is free to all attendees and exhibitors.   The title of this seminar is “Ships to Reefs:  Global Directions for Reefing Your Ship”.

Many Ships to Reefs projects outside North America have been waiting for international guidelines.  After years of consultation, the Scientific Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has approved a clear set of guidelines for Ships to Reefs projects that meet the key environmental standards.  Jay Straith, President of Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting, will take you through the development of these guidelines and how they can be implemented to assist you in starting an artificial reef in your region.

October 24, 2008 from 2-3pm which is free to all attendees and exhibitors.   The title of this seminar is “Ships to Reefs:  What Has Worked and Hasn’t Worked”.

There have been many different approaches to doing a ships to reefs project.  Some have been more successful than others.  There are a surprising number of options available to obtain ships and prepare them.  Jay Straith, President of Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting, has been involved with many successful ships to reefs projects and will take you through the good and the bad concepts so you can assess what approaches might be available for your project.

In addition, Ships to Reefs International will have available in the booth, 5-10 minute slide presentations on “How S2R Makes You Money!”

These presentations are topic specific and include the following and more:  What is S2R?; How S2R Makes You Money; Take vs. No-Take Zones; Veterans & Their Ships; Non-Ship Reef Materials; Who Are the Players?; How Do I Get a Ship?; Rigs to Reefs; Lessons Learned; Spiegel Grove; Vandenberg; How Projects Are Funded; Twenty-three S2R Success Stories.  Come by the booth, view the presentation of your choice and go home with what you need to know to make more money, AND we’ll give you a warship collectible artifact.

Ships to Reefs International  is a coalition of artificial reefing programs from around the world.  Our current members include professionals from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Other artificial reefing countries are expected to join this effort in the coming months.

Ships to Reefs International was created to help coordinate artificial reefing efforts on an international basis, and will incorporate new guidelines currently being developed by the International Maritime Organization, an arm of the United Nations.  In addition, United States members of S2RI will coordinate a national artificial reefing program, to ensure a standardized program for all states and non-government organizations (NGOs) working to create ships-to-reefs programs, working together with the agencies of the federal government that have programs, which include the Maritime Administration (MARAD), Navy and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Ships to Reefs International is currently working to gain the support of the diving industry, showing how ships-to-reefs projects create economic benefits to the industry, as well as to all levels of government and the communities local to reefing sites – “SHIPS TO REEFS MAKES YOU MONEY!”.

For more information, please contact Jay Straith at 604-984-3646.