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DEMA 2011: That’s A Wrap!

And SDI™ TDI™ and ERDI™ did it in ONE TAKE

Here is a quick overview of what took place during DEMA in Orlando this past month.

The TDI™ Booth # 722 was a constant center of attention.

With the announcement of the new TDI eLearning programs, the booth became a magnet for Tech Instructors eager to learn more about the new opportunity. With a banner that read “TDI™ Courses NOW available on line!” TDI™ Instructors now have the additional support of eLearning courses in preparing their new divers. Check out what is in store for you with TDI™ onLine:

  • Intro to Tech
  • Nitrox
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • General CCR
  • Diving in Overhead Environments

Special “How To” seminars were scheduled just to discuss the NEW TDI™ eLearning courses, and that was just one of the more than 30 seminars hosted by SDI TDI and ERDI.

The DECO PARTY invites were “HOT” and availability was limited, yet more than 1000 invitations were distributed by the Party Hosts. The TDI DECO PARTY was underwritten in part by AP/Silent Diving, DiveRite, Hollis, Innerspace, HOG/Edge and Nat Geo Snorkeler. So there was lots of cool swag at this function!

In addition, DEMA proved to be extremely profitable with DEMA TDI™ Training Material Specials that deliver GP as high as 72% and a FREE Personalized Store Banner, a $125 value.

So even if you missed DEMA, wait no longer! Find out for yourself why everyone is talking about the growth of International Training. It is all thanks to a loyal following of progressive, forward-thinking Pro and Associate Members alike! But hurry – offer ends on Nov 25th.

To take advantage of the DEMA Specials that fit your needs, contact your Regional Sales Manager today or call HQ @ 207.729.4201 or 888.778.9073. Please direct special requests to Cris Merz:


Technical Diving News

SDI Diver NewsERDI Diver NewsGeneral Diver News

Facility Renewal Specials

Scuba Diving International™
Technical Diving International™ & Emergency Response Diving International™
Facility Renewals

Please take the time to renew your 2010 Facility Membership today! We are pleased to have you as our representative and as an Official Scuba Diving Facility with one, two or all three of our training agencies. Our philosophy stands strong and we continue to work closely with you to bring the best in Diving Education to your divers. Your membership with us continues to be FREE of charge to you but PRICELESS to us! Your membership permits us to maintain uninterrupted communications with you as needed. Here are some special renewal offers to say…THANKS!

Option 1Option 2
  • SDI onLine Divemaster FULL Preview Code (MSRP; $399.95)
  • SDI onLine Assistant Instructor FULL Preview Code (MSRP; $399.95)
  • SDI onLine Open Water Instructor FULL Preview Code (MSRP; $895.95)
  • SDI Dive Poster – 250001 (MSRP; $23.00)
  • SDI Professional Poster – 250002 (MSRP; $23.00)
  • TDI Dive Poster – 150001 (MSRP; $23.00)
  • SDI Wall Cert – 200090 (MSRP; $10)
  • TDI Wall Cert – 100090 (MSRP; $10)
  • Large TDI flag 4’x6’ – 150020 (MSRP; $25.00)
  • Large SDI flag 4’x6’ – 250020 (MSRP; $25.00)
  • Window Decal Sticker – determined by facility designation (MSRP; $12.00)
  • In Store C- Card Printer – 520500 ($1595.00)
  • Color Ribbon Kit – 520510 ($175.00)
  • 100 blank C cards – mix and match SDI/TDI/ERDI ($100)
  • 100 brochures; Why Dive SDI ($80.00)
  • 100 Brochures; Why Dive TDI ($80.00)
  • FREE Facility Renewal fees –PRICELESS
  • SDI onLine Divemaster FULL Preview Code (MSRP; $399.95)
  • SDI onLine Assistant Instructor FULL Preview Code (MSRP; $399.95)
  • SDI onLine Open Water Instructor FULL Preview Code (MSRP; $895.95)
  • SDI Dive Poster – 250001 (MSRP; $23.00)
  • SDI Professional Poster – 250002 (MSRP; $23.00)
  • TDI Dive Poster – 150001 (MSRP; $23.00)
  • SDI Wall Cert – 200090 (MSRP; $10)
  • TDI Wall Cert – 100090 (MSRP; $10)
  • Window Decal Sticker – determined by facility designation (MSRP; $12.00)
  • 25 brochures; Why Dive SDI ($20.00)
  • 25 Brochures; Why Dive TDI ($20.00)
  • FREE Facility Renewal fees –PRICELESS
Value of this package = $3876.85
Your cost = $1595.00
Value of this package = $1836.85
Your cost = FREE …your participation is Priceless

Contact Cris Merz at HQ immediately about purchasing options 1  for your facility! 

Don’t Wait! Please have you facility renewed by January 15th so that you may continue to take advantage of all our great services in the member’s section of the website.


Your Submission has been accepted

Thank you for your submission. Your participation is appreciated.

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Core Ten Things

council on retail excellence



1. Excellent Customer Service

  • Hire employees with positive attitudes
  • Have employees greet every customer who comes into your store
  • Have a uniform for your staff
    • Clean, consistent appearance
    • Customers can recognize store employees immediately
  • Empower your employees to say “yes”
    • Provide guidelines in advance
    • Encourage creative thinking

  • Make the customer the priority
    • Return phone calls promptly
    • Return e-mails within twenty-four hours
  • Strive to know all your customers by name
  • Remember preferences – Carry products the customer wants
  • Recognize special occasions, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries

2. Have Good Business Management

  • Thoroughly train employees
    • Know features and benefits of all products and services
    • Use “Positive Approach Selling” techniques
    • Keep them updated on special programs and offers by suppliers so they can offer them to your customers
  • Have a “living” business plan
    • Provides focus and direction
    • Helps measure progress
    • Guides decision making 
  • Meet commitments
    • Keep consistent hours all year long
    • Run scheduled classes and trips
    • Have a fully stocked store – inventory management

3. Be a 21st Century Business – Go Digital!

  •  Website – This is the #2 way to attract new customers!
    • Complete training schedule
    • Complete product offering
    • Calendar of events
  • Make it easy to contact you
    • Address, phone number, etc.
    • E-mail address
  • Modern appearance
  • Keep it updated!
  • Have a modern Point-of-Sale system
    • Track sales, inventory levels and orders
    • Customer records
  • Track their training
  • Have their purchase history
  • Classrooms – Be digital
    • Have all classrooms computerized with LCD projectors
    • Have most current digital class products


4. Marketing – Communicate with Your Customers!

  • Newsletters and sales promotional flyers
    • E-mail and/or printed mail
  • Community involvement and public relations
    • Take care of the local environment
    • Charity Events
    • Let customers know when you participate in non-profit and charitable programs
  • In the store
  • On your website
  • Think outside the box; look for many solutions for getting your dive center in front of new customers (Movie house, coupon book, charities)
  • Always be open to ideas from your customers (suggestion box or e-mail)

5. Dive Center Appearance

  • Exterior Presentation
    • Clean
    • Proper signage
    • Well displayed windows
    • Well lighted
  • Interior Presentation
  • Merchandising
    • All displays need to be clean, bright, modern, and inviting
    • Change your displays 4 times a year – physically rearrange the store to keep it fresh
  • Advertise your website address everywhere!
  • Classroom
    • Clean
    • Comfortable seating
    • Well lighted
    • Bathrooms and changing areas
    • Modern and clean!
  • Training & rental equipment
    • Rent and train in the equipment you want to sell in your store
    • Keep in good condition and rotate equipment on a regular basis
    • Rental area to be kept clean and organized

6. Have Solid Educational Programs

  • Complete range of programs
    • Open water to instructor
    • Technical
    • Public Safety
    • Kids programs
    • Swimming
  • Make taking a course convenient by offering varying schedules
  • Teach your instructors to sell equipment
    • Have your instructors wear the equipment you want to sell


7. Have Active Social Outlets

  • Create and run an active dive club
  • Have sales and special events
  • Create activities to keep your customers busy with you year round (guest speakers, bowling, pool related events)

8. Have Access to a Clean, Well Maintained Pool


9. Be a Dive Travel Specialist

  • Be a local diving advocate
    • Keep an active local diving calendar
    • Offer a variety of local dive trips to give customers new and fresh opportunities
  • Offer “exotic” trips 2 to 3 times a year
  • Have you and your staff dive with your customers whenever possible
  • Offer pre and post trip socials


10. Network Within the Industry

  • With other dive stores & DEMA
    • Keep learning!
    • Share your secrets to success with others
  • Join an Industry or Retail Association
  • Referrals
  • Travel relationships


This outline was provided by Dan King, owner of Diver Dan’s, Inc. in Santa Clara, California and reproduced here with permission and with thanks.


©CORE 2008


Seminar series brings some fun to DEMA

Attending Business of Diving seminars is good professional development and increases your chances to win Jimmy Buffett concert tickets

The message from Scuba Diving International™, Technical Diving International™ and Emergency Response Diving International™ is simple: Let’s have some fun at DEMA this year!

Sure we know the pressure’s on to make the most of our industry’s biggest trade show… pick up new product, negotiate the best deals, sign up new customers… But the SDI, TDI, ERDI gang are adding one more must-do task for you at the show: win tickets to a sold-out Jimmy Buffett concert!

That’s right, you can win two tickets to see Buffett and his band play at the MGM Grand Garden Arena at 8 pm Saturday, October 25 (the closing day of DEMA Show 2008). What a fun way to wrap up DEMA.

Some insiders said this deal was only open to SDI, TDI and ERDI members… NOT TRUE. This give-away is available to the whole dive industry, and here’s how you can get in on the deal.

1.Come by the SDI, TDI, ERDI booth at the show (Booth #149) and check out the most innovative and progressive training agencies in the industry… while you’re there, drop off a business card. This gives you one chance at a pair of tickets.  

2. Attend one of the SDI, TDI, ERDI sponsored Business of Diving Seminars… themes include: e-Learning – How to… Your Store Brand & More, Defensive Teaching for Dive Pro’s # 1, Opportunity in an Evolving Market, Risk Management for Dive Stores, Instructor and Charter Operators, and the Launch of Diving International Travel Network. Each one you attend doubles your chances of winning!

3. Add to your personal teaching credentials and attend one of several  SDI, TDI or ERDI crossovers taking place during DEMA week in Vegas. You walk away with something additional to offer your customers AND increase your chances of winning FIVE FOLD!

For a full listing of the Business of Diving Seminars, go to  to reserve your spots… space is limited and tickets are too so don’t wait.

Drawing to take place two hours before show closing on Saturday 25, 2008

Location Booth #149




Flag Promo!!!

Take action now to get your FREE SDI, TDI or ERDI logo flag!

JESSICA HOLDING FLAGWe appreciate the support you continue to give us, so we are giving something back… Simply call into our customer service line or speak to your local rep and place an order for $20 or more before the end of the month, and we will send you an SDI, TDI or ERDI flag… FREE. You can use your free logo flag in your store, outside your store, flying from your truck antenna or at a dive site to show students where the best dive training is taking place… Just so long as you fly the colors. These flags come in two sizes: Huge (4 X 6 feet) and Half-Huge  (2 X 3 feet) and are available in SDI, TDI or ERDI colors.

Don’t wait, call Jessica at HQ or your regional representative today to place an order and be sure to let us know which flag you want us to send you.

Offer good while stocks last and restricted to one FREE flag per customer.

Dive Clickers

The September issue of Dive Log was mailed to more than 21,000 divers… here’s what interested them

Take a look at the response/ click through rate of divers “just like your customers” from stories in our Monthly Dive Log

You can use this information to help you decide what courses and other dive-related activities to promote in your store to help you earn greater profits for you and your facility!

After each distribution of The Dive Log, The official Associate Member Newsletter we compile the results and report and share them with you. They say that knowledge is POWER so more power to you! Need help bridging how to make this information pay off for you but not quite sure how? Contact us we can help, reach out for your Regional Manager or drop us a line at




















TRAVEL DESK (Diving Adventure Magazine)




Figures reflect percentage of total “hits” for specific web pages on our site


Join the special SDI, TDI Community

photo by Bret GilliamScuba Diving International offers divers innovative programs and, in tandem with our sister agency Technical Diving International, a complete solution to recreational diver education. Click around this website to find out more about us and how we can help you become a better diver.

Some things that will interest you include our SDI Solo Diver program. The skills taught in this unique SDI specialty are useful for every diver, even those who choose not to dive alone.

If you are a sport diver looking for Nitrox training but can’t seem to fit your schedule into the courses offered at your local dive shop, the SDI alternative is convenient online training through our eLearning website. We offer several specialties as well as open water.

How about technical diving. Nobody has more experienced technical instructors than we do and no course will give you a better idea of what tech is all about than our Intro to Tech program.

Interested in becoming a dive leader. Then check out the pathway to dive leadership with SDI. If you are wondering how to become a DM or instructor, this information will interest you.

And finally, take a look at a copy of our diver’s eNewsletter. If you would like to subscribe, simply contact us at and we will make sure you are added to the list.