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Solo Diver Specialty

When Scuba Diving International™ launched its Solo Diver Program, it stood one of the oldest conventions in the dive industry on its ear: “Always dive with a buddy.” Of course people broke that “rule” all the time but ours was the first, and remains the only, sport agency to admit the reality and offer training (and instructor insurance) to help make sure those doing it, were solo diving as a planned activity rather than an awful surprise.

The feedback we receive at headquarters about this program is always great to read. A favorite is from one of our long-time IT who said, “Every diver can benefit from learning the skills taught in an SDI solo program, but not every diver should be or even wants to be diving alone.” This sums up the sentiment that’s at the core of a lot of the ‘reason I took your course” messages we get from divers. “It’s made me more aware of my buddies when I am NOT diving solo,” and “I feel more comfortable knowing I’m trained and equipped to rescue myself or anyone else I happen to be diving with!”

And that reference to equipment is what we want to talk to you about today, because equipment sales is the second most cited reason instructors give for promoting this program. “Students leaving with increased self-reliance is a great goal,” one Great Lakes facility ower told us. “But when I look at the gear these guys buy for their class, I want my instructors teaching it EVERY weekend.”

How do YOU do with your SDI Solo Diver students? Here are some of the additional pieces of equipment that tie into the skills covered during this course.

  • Pony bottle (13 cubic foot, 30 cubic foot or 40 cubic foot suggested)
  • Regulator first and second stage plus small SPG on short hose
  • Spare cutting device
  • Surface Marker Buoy or Lift Bag
  • Cavern reel or large capacity gap spool
  • Compass
  • Spare low-volume mask
  • Retro-fitted pockets on dry suit or wetsuit
  • Mask Pouch
  • Audible surface signaling device (DiveAlert™,  whistle, etc.)
  • Backup bottom timer and depth gauge or computer
  • The list goes on!

Are YOU taking full advantage of the supporting equipment sales this SDI program offers?

As a reminder, there is no IT program for instructors wanting to move up to teaching this course. Solo Instructors must have certified at least 50 students, be 21 years or older, and have been teaching for at least one year. Required teaching aids for this course include: Student Manual, Planning Slates and Instructor Guide.


Remember the SDI Solo Diver’s motto: “I didn’t lose my buddy, I never had one to begin with…”

Yours should be: “Solo Divers take no chances… they buy two of the best of everything!”


Price change to eLearning Program

If you are one of many that have embraced the Scuba Diving International (SDI) on-line Open Water course you already understand the benefits.

If you have not already done so, refresh your memory as to what has lead to this epic decision to increase our Dive Centers Gross Profit on our “on-Line” Open Water course. By visiting and reading THE SURVEY SAYS… (LINKS TO>>>, you will quickly get up to speed.

In the survey (discussed in the article) the message was loud and clear so we are adjusting accordingly. You told us (57% of respondents) that you utilized the on-line course to directly market and promote your dive Centers Name & Logo.                   More than one third of you (34% of respondents) utilized the site to help promote and sell their dive gear. Yet the majority vastly underutilizes the opportunity to go into the site and manage their inventory by “adjusting” the lines they want to sell to better reflect the gear they have on hand or in stock. This is an inventory management technique that will make you money, act on it NOW!

But when you told us (73% of respondents) without a doubt that you wanted better Gross Profit margins on the on-line course we went to work on it and here is the outcome.




Old SR $89.95

53.7 %


New SR $109.95




If you are not one that likes to talk in Gross Profit margins and ratios simply stated…YOU MAKE $20 MORE WHEN YOU SELL AN SDI on-LINE OW COURSE…and you cost remains the same!

So what are you waiting for? Get on the band wagon, embrace blended training (on-Line & In Store) and use every tool you can to add convenience to your programs and capture NEW DIVER market share. Need some help doing so? Contact your SDI Regional Manager or contact HQ today…all you have to say is “OK I’m in and want to get involved On-Line” we will take it from there. LINK TO HQ EMAIL

Now is the right time to stock up on codes because when the bean counters read this it can not last forever!


Oh, I mean booth.. bigger booth!

To accommodate ALL that we have planned for you this DEMA show October 22nd -25th in Las Vegas Nevada. That means that we have to find our current booth a new home. Check out the photos and you will find that not only is it a great show booth but would make an elegant addition (used as individual components) to many Dive Centers. The backlit panels and display areas service multiple opportunities limited only by your imagination.

The booth was built by professional cabinet makers and is of high quality and craftsmanship. To learn more e-mail

Dive Clickers

A look at the response/ click through rate of divers “just like yours” from stories in our Monthly Dive Log

You can use this information to help you decide what course to promote in your store and to help you earn greater profits for you and your facility!

After each distribution of The Dive Log, The official Associate Member Newsletter we compile the results and report and share them with you. They say that knowledge is POWER so more power to you! Need help bridging how to make this information pay off for you but not quite sure how? Contact us we can help, reach out for your Regional Manager or drop us a line at
























< 1







[1]Figures  reflect percentage of total “hits” for specific web pages on our site





Interested in taking it up a notch?

Join a great team…

Technical Diving International™ has earned a reputation for delivering the best upper-level training in decompression, trimix, overhead environment and rebreathers in the industry. But delivering The most trusted training for explorers™ takes help from dedicated professionals who are willing to work harder and take seriously the responsibility that comes with being at the very top of the diving profession.

If you are already an experience dive instructor with a sport agency such as Scuba Diving International™ or a technical instructor with a competitive agency and you want to join us, contact today.

Pre-requisites to become a TDI instructor include active teaching status with a recognized training agency and experience planning and executing advanced dives. The training sessions needed to earn your TDI instructor rating will be carried out under the tutelage of a certified TDI instructor-trainer. Chances are that there are programs available in or near your area that you can take advantage of. Contact us today to get full details.

Solo Diver certification has value for every diver

“I didn’t lose my buddy… I never had one”

Are you an experienced open water diver with at least 100 logged dives looking for a new challenge? Are you interested in becoming a better diver than you already are? Have you ever travelled to a dive site and had to babysit a less experienced diver because you arrived alone and got “saddled” with an instant buddy? Do you take a video or still camera with you in the water? Do you sometimes dive with a buddy who is only an occasional diver? Interested in learning how to be more independent in the water?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, you could be a good candidate for an SDI Solo Diver Program™.

Although it’s not a full list of reasons to think about taking what’s been called “the essential sport diving certification” these are the ones we have heard most commonly since we began to offer this unique specialty. Over the years, SDI Solo Diver has constantly been a best-seller with divers around the world because the planning techniques it teaches and the skills it helps to build are an asset to any diver… just like you.

Not interested in diving on your own… no problem, although this is our most popular specialty program, many of the graduates for SDI Solo Diver have no intention of diving alone, but have taken the program to become a stronger diver and to use the skills taught to make their “normal” buddy diving more comfortable and controlled.

Visit an SDI Training Center and speak with a certified SDI Solo Diver Instructor today.

Industry Leader joins SDI

ED CHRISTINI on board with Scuba Diving International™ (SDI)

Coming off of an extremely successful Global Strategic Meeting, with some twenty four worldwide offices serving divers in more than 220 countries and territories, the aggressive growth momentum at Scuba Diving International™ (SDI) continues!

“We are pleased to announce that we will be working very closely with Ed Christini to continue pressing ahead on our plans for expansion,” Brian Carney stated.

“I have personally known Ed for many years and share his business ethics and commitment to our industry’s Retailers and Dive Professionals,” continued Carney, Group President for Scuba Diving International™ (SDI), Technical Diving International ™ (TDI) and Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI).

“It’s invigorating to have the opportunity to not only stay on in the dive industry but to join the fine management group Brian has assembled at Scuba Diving International ™ (SDI). I’m confident that I can be of great service furthering the SDI group towards its successful goals,” stated Ed Christini.

Ed Christini’s background is a perfect fit for an organization such as the group of training agencies under the International Training umbrella. “Ed’s background in dive retail combined with his experience in running and growing a recreational training agency and his industry experience serving on Board of Directors from DEMA to the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) round him out as the type of person that we seek” said Fleming Elleboe, International Training’s Board Chairman.

The group of agencies was started to serve the technical diving sector of the dive industry as Technical Diving International, the Agency was formed in 1994. The TDI curriculum was developed first and forged the way for the SDI programs that followed and was officially released in 1998, more recently by ERDI in 2000 to serve the needs of public safety divers.                                                                                             

Worldwide Headquarters for the group is located in Topsham, Maine. USA.

To contact Ed Christini you may e-mail him at or or by calling 970-686-5438.

For information about Scuba Diving International or Technical Diving International training, contact International Training at (207) 729-4201 or on the web at Scuba Diving International (SDI) is the sport diving certification branch of the world’s largest technical diving agency, Technical Diving International (TDI). Also included in our family of training solutions is Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI), the only global public safety certification agency.                                        

Others follow… SDI, TDI, ERDI leads!

Long Beach Scuba Show

Come and see us at Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CAJune 21-22

Scuba Diving International™ and Technical Diving International™ pros will be attending the 21st annual consumer scuba show and will be giving away cool SDI, TDI stuff including FREE online training for either SDI Open Water or one of several SDI specialties available through our eLearning portal. (LINK TO online training)

Long Beach is the highlight of the local dive scene and second to none in California. Our team will be at BOOTH 652 from 10 until 6 on Saturday and from 10 until 5 on Sunday. Drop by and let’s talk about your latest diving adventure and get some help planning your next one. Enter your name in the draw for FREE online training for your or the friend or family member of your choosing!

One other thing. If you are already a sport or technical instructor for another agency — or have a friend who is — and would like to offer your customers something different, you can take advantage of our professional level cross-over at the show. It takes place from 9am to 11:30am at the Hyatt, Long Beach in the Harbor ‘C’ room. Contact to pre-register and take advantage of the special reduced California Long Beach rate.

The Long Beach Show features exhibits from a who’s who of equipment manufacturers and more than 30 seminars by scuba diving experts including: Marty Snyderman, Jack & Sue Drafahl, Bruce Watkins, Dale Sheckler, Ken Kurtis, Ken Knezick, Divers Alert Network and others.

For more details about the show contact: Dale Sheckler, Saint Brendan Corp, Box 11231, Torrance, CA 90510. Phone: 310-792-2333

Fax: 310-792-2336



Make a Bold Statement

Show your true colors by sporting the appropriate facility sticker on your door or window… or both

Get the message out to your customers and let them know the level of service you offer as a professional level member with Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International.

Call customer service and order yours right now! 1.888.778.9073

Special Launch Price for Student Folders

Well we have a great idea for you!

folders add styleCheck out the NEW Four Color Student Promo Folder.

Exciting, vibrant beautiful full color images elegantly cover the full outside of this impressive folder.

The statement, “see why we are the worldwide leader in dive training” elegantly frames your Dive Center’s business card in red ink over a black field on the inside left pocket.

IDEA: Always include 2 business cards….one to give…one to keep!

BRANDING TIP: The right pocket easily accommodates an Avery Label # 6874 (3” X 3.75”) where to promote your facility name and logo. Other private label opportunities also exist on the outside back cover Avery Label # 6879 (1.25” X 3.75”) fits nicely on the bottom left corner over the HQ address information or a clear Avery Label # 8663 (2” x 4”) on the upper right side back cover also looks sharp. NOTE: The label approach is recommended so it continues to brand your facility long after your cards have been removed and passed on as referrals by your students.

Economically priced to allow your Dive Center to put forth your very best image. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager today for ordering information or call HQ at 888-778-9073 (in the continental USA)

On hand quantities are limited and remember, the introductory price is as low as $1.85 per folder for orders of 50 plus!


Open:  18" w X 12" h

Closed:  9" w X 12" h

Pockets:  4" h, left side business card holder. Right side area for customization


Multi-purpose style makes it an absolute must have. Functions as part of your coordinated dive business identity items for everyday use to presenting information to clients and prospects, to making special presentations. No serious dive business should be without this excellent dive facility staple item.