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Freediving On Your Period: What YOU Need to Know

Explore how the menstrual cycle can affect performance in freediving. Understand the physiological changes and their impact on divers.

Dive Safe: 10 Essential Rules for Scuba Diving and Freediving

Stay safe while you explore underwater through scuba diving and freediving with our essential rules, ensuring the best aquatic adventures.

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What is Freediving? The Art of Breath-Hold

Explore the diverse aspects of freediving, from spearfishing to underwater exploration & so much more, discover the thrill & adventure.

Freedivers Signaling Okay after Breathhold

The Psychology of Freediving: Overcoming Mental Barriers

Delve into the psychology of freediving and conquer the mental barriers that stand between you and the ultimate freediving experience.

7 Top Beginner Freediving Locations

Top 7 Beginner-Friendly Freediving Spots Around the World

Explore 7 beginner-friendly freediving locations, where crystal-clear waters, gentle currents, and stunning marine life await.

Introducing the 2024 PFI Ambassadors

After much deliberation we would like to introduce you to our PFI Ambassadors for 2024. Congratulations to everyone!

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Freediving or Scuba for Underwater Photography?

A deep dive into why freediving is the real MVP when it comes to underwater photography and making the ocean’s most Instagrammable moments.


Safety Skills Every Freediver Should Learn: Interview with Lance Lee Davis

In this interview with competitive freediver and competition organizer Lance Lee Davis, we discuss important skills that competition safety teams cultivate. Read on if you want to learn about skills that are helpful for being a competent freediving buddy or if you want to become a freediving competition safety diver!

Surfing and Freediving: Finding Calm in the Chaos

In this blog post, our contributor shares his experience with surfing on big waves prior to taking a PFI Freediver course. He revisits the waves one year later and discusses how freediving has made a positive impact on his surfing. Read on to learn more!


Freediving At Any Age: Interviews with Competitive Freedivers Over the Age of 50

Is it too late to start freediving? Read perspectives on aging and freediving from four competitive freedivers over the age of 50.