Freediving At Any Age: Interviews with Competitive Freedivers Over the Age of 50

Is it too late to start freediving? Read perspectives on aging and freediving from four competitive freedivers over the age of 50.

mermaid freediving in open water

Looking to Boost Your Mermaiding Resume? Consider Taking a Freediving Course!

Learn the essential skills and knowledge that aspiring professional mermaids should have can be found in a PFI freediving course.

wisdom and freediving

Pacing Like Prince: Wisdom and Freediving

As a freediving instructor I look at sports psychology and training methods to understanding the relevant pacing in freedive training. – Owen Costello

Freediving through the lens of PFI Brand Ambassador Jason Washington

Freediving through the lens of PFI Brand Ambassador Jason Washington

Freediver and professional underwater photographer, Jason Washington – takes us through the ins and outs of underwater photography.

Our Mermaid and Stuntwoman : Rachel Novak

We catch up with PFI Brand Ambassador Rachel Novak to chat about freediving, mermaiding, stunt work, sailing and so much more! Rachel shows us the competitive side of Mermaiding and what it takes to do underwater stunt work

New PFI Freediving Ambassadors

We are happy to announce our PFI Ambassadors for 2023! Welcome to the Performance Freediving Tribe!

Can the Mammalian Dive Reflex Help Control Anxiety?

In the last sixty years or so, it has become known that freedivers, those who hold their breath to dive deep under the water’s surface, benefit from the Mammalian Dive Reflex (MDR) in several ways. But can that same reflex help control anxiety? Let’s take a deeper look at the MDR, what causes it, and how it can help in anxiety and panic attacks.

How Freediving can be utilized in High Stress environments and Jobs

Freediving is known to be a sport that requires both relaxation and mental toughness. What may often be overlooked is the ability to use the skills we learned during our courses, in our everyday lives. We spoke to two freedivers in high stress jobs and asked them how they use their freediving skills in everyday life.

One Breath

One Breath: The Mental and Physical Possibilities

In this article, learn how formal freediving training can open up a new way to experience the ocean and marine life. “Our advice for anyone who even has the slightest interest in freediving: Do it! It may seem scary and impossible, but with the right techniques and safety measures, you will surprise yourself with how far you can go!” Read the full story below! 

Pranayama Life and Freediving

Pranayama, Life, and Freediving

The way you breathe has a large effect on your body and mind. In this article we explore the ways your breathing and your brain work together. How mindfulness can be practiced in everyday life and how it can impact your mental health for the better.