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Sinking of Voici Bernadette

Sinking of the Voici Bernadette

Watch as the Voici Bernadette, an old drug running ship, was sunk from onboard cameras. The ship will be converted into an artificial reef.

Best dive sites near Toronto

When you hear about Toronto, diving likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Or maybe it is…we aren’t mind readers. However, if you do happen to make a trip to the Toronto area there are four sites that will make bringing your dive gear worth it.

Looking for Atlantis – Sunken Cities Around the World

Does the idea of Atlantis excite you? If so you’re in luck because we’re exploring sunken cities around the world and some of them you can even dive to. If archaeological history interests you this is an article you surely won’t want to miss.

Is Buoyancy Control a Specialty?

Okay, we’re going there. This debate circulates time and time again. When and how should you teach buoyancy control? There is a short answer to this and a long answer. This is the long answer.

Five reasons you shouldn’t overlook the smallest ABC island

We get it. Bonaire and Curaçao are known diving hot spots. But have you considered a dive trip or family vacation to Aruba? Due to its diversity in both diving and other activities, it might not be too hard to convince the family to join you on this trip.

Lost In Lau

Are you looking for your next dive trip? An untouched tropical oasis is waiting for you in the South Pacific. Lau is a chain of 60 islands south of Fiji. It is filled with bright coral reefs and vibrant sea life. Now is the perfect time to start planning. What are you waiting for? Lau is calling.


Do tough conditions during a course result in better divers?

Have you debated any of these three situational approaches to learning to dive? Learn more about how each option isn’t necessarily a bad option. Each has its own pros and cons list, you just have to figure out which is the best for you.


Fantastic (Underwater) Beasts, and where to find them

Have you heard of these six underwater “beasts” before? Each one is unique in its own way leaving us wanting to suit up and go find as many as possible! Learn more about these critters from Gemma as she tells you about each one and where to find them.

Cardio Fitness and Diving

Did you know, your fitness level can affect your susceptibility to decompression sickness and other diving-related injuries? A good level of fitness can help you reduce gas consumption and increase your overall enjoyment. There are two types of cardo that can help you improve your diving, Kristen Fassolas, The Scuba Fitness Coach explains both.

Sea Legs and How to Get Them

Being sick on a dive boat or any boat for that matter is no fun. However, most of us have been there at least once or twice. It’s not fun but there are things you can do to help yourself out when you’re experiencing the effects of seasickness.