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Emergency Procedures: Separated Mouthpiece

The separation of this mouthpiece can be a scary and dangerous experience but is prevented and managed easily.

Matt Johnston

Diving a Dream – Matthew Johnston

Matthew Johnston, who has Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, which is a life-threatening disease that leaves him confined to his wheelchair full-time and is unable to breathe on his own and requires use of a ventilator. Despite his disease his dream is to Scuba Dive.

Haenyeo : The last of the greatest generation of women divers.

Though the tradition of free diving in Jeju dates back to 430AD, it wasn’t until the 18th century that women became the dominant force in the free diving trade.

Being young and female in an old man’s industry

I take note of the female’s entrance into the work force and the increased level of higher education amongst the general public.

Learning the Scuba Language

The best way to understand this communication is simple; practice and communication.

Dialing in your trim in a drysuit

Before purchasing additional equipment as a quick fix, allow time, practice and patience for your body to adapt to adding a dry suit in the mix.

Fin care

Caring for your Scuba Fins

In fact, with proper care, you will be replacing your fins only to take advantage of newer technology, not because they wore out.

Fin Kicks

Fin Kicks – Choosing the right one for scuba diving

Learning different techniques also allows you to switch periodically between different kicks to help prevent cramping and exhaustion.

Donning your Fins

Donning Fins Correctly

You would think that donning fins would be among the simplest of scuba skills, but they are easy to forget. Follow these steps to make it easier to remember.