SDI Diver News


Why Did I Open My Big Mouth?

Aquaworld was celebrating their 30th anniversary and decided that they would host a bash that included a 12k and a 6k race in the hotel zone of Cancun on the 8th of May. Now pay attention to that date because it’s important.

How Much Weight Do I Need to be Neutrally Buoyant?

Before we can determine our weighting requirements, we have to look at what factors are affecting us.

What to Expect on Your First Night Dive

As soon as you get into the water and see the unbelievable night life, you will understand why so many divers love it.

Diving on Drugs

This covers the spectrum from illicit street drugs to medications prescribed by a physician and taken on a daily basis.

Photography Tips

This skill will grow with you and may become a major part of your life.

Some “Good” Diving Practices can be Fatal to Coral Reefs

It’s not just the coral reefs; many of these chemical ingredients bio-accumulate in the environment and in our bodies.

SDI Advanced Adventure – What Does it Qualify Me to Do?

So what do you “get” out of the Advanced Adventure course other than a better idea about where you want to focus attention?

How Do I Find a Scuba Instructor for My Child?

Here are some hints to help you choose a scuba instructor and things to consider when selecting “the one.”