SDI Diver News

Full Face Masks… Not just for Public Safety Diving

Full face masks are not exclusive for public safety use; there are many benefits to diving one in the sport diving world.

Will I Attract Sharks if I Dive with Aunt Flo?

And then it hits – your period. To make matters worse, you have plans to go on that fantastic dive tomorrow, and all of a sudden you wonder… will I attract sharks?

Learn to dive, eLearning

Bridging the Gap from Classroom to Online Training

ELearning has been great – for every industry and educational institution. That is not to say we can’t improve upon it.

How eLearning Is Failing the Diving Industry

eLearning is not going away; it will become an even bigger part of everyday education. What do we need to do to make it succeed?

Better than Ritalin

My first scuba diver course got me on the right track. I had higher improvisation abilities, was more creative, and this made me a calmer and more focused person – as I am today.

Are You Ready to go Scuba Diving in Cold Water?

Cold water diving is not the best concept for everyone out there. But for some, cold water brings the best visibility, solitude, and a very unique aquatic environment.

Recreational Sport Diver Equivalences

Have you ever found yourself wondering if an SDI course is equal (or equivalent) to courses offered by other dive training organizations?

The First Step to Become a Scuba Instructor

Well you have accomplished the first step by getting certified as an Open Water Scuba Diver. What you will need now is experience, training and time.

Shore Diving Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to make your shore diving adventure more enjoyable!

Things Divers Should Never Do

The following are sensible suggestions of things divers should never do, based entirely on common sense.