The Long Deco Stop

Some new ideas on how to manage life in a quarantined world. These 11 things can help you gain a new perspective in this time of self-isolation. As divers, we already voluntarily practice self-isolation underwater. Learn more about how to look at COVID19 times as a Long Deco Stop.

Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project

There is a lot of amazing work happening all over the world to preserve wrecks that lie on the ocean floor. The Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project is no exception . In fact, they might be one of the best authorities to cite on preserving wrecks for future wreck divers globally. Learn more about the work they’re doing in this article.

Slow Down Young Fella, Joe Odom Follow-up

Learn more about TDI Instructor Number 3, Joe Odom, and his lesson in teaching another pilot some acrobatic air moves. This is the lesson he immediately thought of when he read our fan-favorite article “Slow Down Young Fella” by Michael Thomas.

Trip Report: Tommy Grahams Cave

Our Trip Report series continues with a trip to Tommy Grahams Cave in Australia. Learn more about getting there, hauling your gear to the dive site and what to expect from the dives. Wanna take this trip? We know a guy, check out the article for more info.

Considering the Whats, Wheres, and Whys of Technical Training

When an instructor starts asking questions about these three things before signing you up for that next course don’t assume it’s because they’re questioning your integrity. They’re asking you these things to make sure you are TRULY ready.

4 Reasons Tech Divers Make the Best Divemasters

You’ve taken the course and now you’re a tech diver… You could continue up the ranks of tech diving or you could simply just dive to gain more experience. We’re here to throw something straight out of left field… have you ever thought of becoming a divemaster?

Gettin Wrecked On Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Think about diving in Australia and the first thing that comes to mind might be the Great Barrier Reef. The corals and tropical fish alone might make you want to book a flight today. However, what if we told you there are also wrecks among the reef perfect for even the most adventurous divers?

Three Reasons to Pre-Breathe

There are a lot of arguments about prebreathing out there in the tech world. However, the majority have one thing in mind when we talk about prebreathing before a dive. That one thing is safety. There are countless checklists you could use before every dive, but the idea of multitasking while running through one of those lists and prebreathing is a great way to slow down while you check for safety.

New Zealand North: A Smashing Dive

These two dive sites in New Zealand will leave you ready to book a flight as soon as possible to see all of the marine life below the surface.

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