Don’t MOD your Percentages

This is a topic where not all parties agree, but all could benefit from a unified stance. Marking your cylinders for the type of dive you’re doing. This not only helps you do your final predive checks, but it also helps you stay safe and keep your buddies safe as well.

The C3 Wreck: History and Diving Conditions

If you’ve been bitten by the wreck diving bug, this is another to add to your bucket list. The C3 Submarine off the coast of Spain. Learn more about its history and what diving this unique wreck is like.

Using a Bailout Rebreather

Have you ever considered using a bailout rebreather rather than bailout tanks? There are a lot of reasons to choose either, however in this article, we’re taking a deeper look into using a back-up rebreather as a bailout system. This in-depth article will walk you through everything you need to know about using a bailout rebreather.

Five Reasons to Dive a Rebreather

Have you had rebreather diving on your mind? We get it, rebreather diving comes with a lot of baggage. More training, longer checklists, and let’s not forget the expense. However, rebreather diving also comes with many benefits. We’re covering just five of them in this article.

How to go for a lockdown dive

Are you bored in the house yet? Turns out you can simulate a dive right from your very own home! Here’s how to do it for the next time you’re really missing diving.

Diving for Love: A Cave Diver Wedding

It’s easy to get hooked on cave diving, exploring the veins of the underground or mountainside, seeing things few others have. This couple found a way to combine their love for each other AND cave diving to host the most unique wedding. Accompanied by 69 other divers from 11 different countries, these divers tied the knot.

The Long Deco Stop

Some new ideas on how to manage life in a quarantined world. These 11 things can help you gain a new perspective in this time of self-isolation. As divers, we already voluntarily practice self-isolation underwater. Learn more about how to look at COVID19 times as a Long Deco Stop.

Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project

There is a lot of amazing work happening all over the world to preserve wrecks that lie on the ocean floor. The Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project is no exception . In fact, they might be one of the best authorities to cite on preserving wrecks for future wreck divers globally. Learn more about the work they’re doing in this article.

Slow Down Young Fella, Joe Odom Follow-up

Learn more about TDI Instructor Number 3, Joe Odom, and his lesson in teaching another pilot some acrobatic air moves. This is the lesson he immediately thought of when he read our fan-favorite article “Slow Down Young Fella” by Michael Thomas.

Trip Report: Tommy Grahams Cave

Our Trip Report series continues with a trip to Tommy Grahams Cave in Australia. Learn more about getting there, hauling your gear to the dive site and what to expect from the dives. Wanna take this trip? We know a guy, check out the article for more info.