Заштићено: Decompression Myths: Part 3

Нема исечка јер је ово заштићен чланак.


Take this great opportunity, extend your limits! Either as a diver or as instructor

Honest feedback and the Dive Industry

Are we always provided with accurate feedback during our dive training? Explore our blog to learn about the importance of honesty in the diving world.

Do we have enough?

Learn all about how to handle gas in a dive and avoid running out of breathing gas with minimum gas planning procedures.

My Craziest Day of Cave Exploration

Natalie L. Gibb shares her quest to dive in an undiscovered cave system in Mexico. Natalie characterizes the journey as her wildest one yet!

Rebreather Forum 4

Join TDI at the world’s largest rebreather show, Rebreather Forum 4, happening in Malta from April 20-22. Don’t miss it!


We are truly excited to introduce you to the FIRST SIX TDI AMBASSADORS FOR 2023! It has not been an easy selection due to the large number of candidates who have applied.

How to become an Intro To Tech diver

Intro to tech is the initiation, the fundamentals, the base of knowledge and skills that will allow us to reach technical diving.


Decompression Myths: Part 2

In the second installment of Decompression Myths, Mark Powell takes an in-depth look at the myths surrounding decompression stops. Are they really necessary? What happens to our bodies when we make them and when we skip them? An exciting read supported by data taken from divers that will help us to better understand the theory of decompression.

Diver's Role in Shark Awareness

The Diver’s Role in Shark Awareness

Sharks are vital to the health of our oceans, and we have a unique ability as divers to help protect them. Our experiences, stories of diving with sharks, and images can help dispel myths and incorrect perceptions and share sharks’ true nature. Keep reading to learn more about the threats facing sharks and what we can do to address them.