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That one time we salvaged a toilet for no reason…

It seems like almost every diver out there has that one story… But these divers have a particularly unique one, involving a wreck and a toilet. These divers didn’t descend looking for their treasure, but once one of them saw it and suggested salvaging it, it was all over.

Diving Gozo

Looking for a diving destination with a little something for everyone? Then look no further than the one and only Gozo in the Maltese Islands. It’s central location with easy access from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East makes it a diving destination recreational and tech divers alike lust over.

Liftbag or SMB?

Putting together your tech diving kit comes with a lot of decisions… You might have your own opinions on what is better or worse in a general kit but, for this article specifically, we’re talking about liftbags vs SMBs (surface marker buoys). We’re laying out the advantages and disadvantages of both to allow you to make a more informed decision on which is best for your kit.

The biggest and most unexpected thing I learned in technical dive training

If you’re an experienced diver thinking about making the leap from sport diving to technical diving, this article is for you. Learn more about how this long-time instructor was served some humble pie in her first-ever technical diving course. We can all learn a lot from those who are willing to admit that they too still have a lot to learn.

Girls Pee, Too

When diving takes us below the surface for longer, colder, or deeper dives nature is bound to call at some point. For folks with male anatomy the catheter method works great, however what about people with female parts? This article covers the things you need to know to answer nature’s call underwater AND stay dry as a female.

The P-Valve Struggle

First things first, if you don’t know exactly what a P-valve is, it’s pretty basic. Essentially, it’s a tube that has a valve on one end that vents to the outside of your dry suit that allows liquids to pass from the inside of the suit to the outside. Want to know more about the ins and outs of P-valves and our tips to make the process go smoother? We got you.

To Reel or Not to Reel

We all have feelings about reels, right? It can’t be just us… This month we have a special poem about our frenemy — the scuba reel. We hope it gives you a good chuckle like it did for us.

That Time I Thought I Wanted to Tech Dive

There might be plenty of people out there persuading you to start tech diving. Researching is the first step… think more about what goes into being a tech diver. Some of the realities that come along with being a tech diver. That is exactly what this article intends to do, make you think about taking the next step forward.

An Updated Approach to Bailout Planning

How are you doing your bailout planning? We’re here to bring you an updated approach to this extremely important step in tech dive planning. Matt Jevon will walk you through “old school” methods as well as the new and updated approach.

11 Useful Apps to Improve Your Technical Diving

You loved our top 15 scuba apps article we published last year, so we figured we would niche it down more and bring you a list of tech diving specific apps. These 11 apps range from photography to dive planning apps and everything in between.