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Why dive New Jersey? It Sucks.

Diving New Jersey sucks. There’s nothing but historic wrecks to play on, fish to shoot, lobster to be hunted, beautiful cold-water anemones, soft corals, eels, and artifacts to be found. It’s terrible. Learn more about some of the hidden gems in New Jersey!

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The fate of the SS President Coolidge

First, we told you about this wreck’s heyday and how it went from luxury ship to navy vessel. Now we’re giving you the rest of the story of how it ended up on the ocean floor. Learn more about how this ship sank during its last voyage.

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The trick to getting more time out of your tanks

Are you looking to get more time below to surface but your gas seems to go too quickly? You aren’t alone and the good news is, with practice this is something you can get better at. We’re sharing a breathing technique you can use to increase the amount of time you get out of your tanks.

5 things you should know before you start tech diving

Are you considering tech diving? If it’s making you nervous, firstly, take a deep breath. Second, read these five things and feel comfortable in the learning process. Know that you’re on your way to exploring even more of what the underwater world has to offer.

Diving with redundant air source for recreational divers

You know the saying, plan your dive, dive your plan. The problem is even the best plans can go awry. That’s where diving with a redundant air source can come into play. Here are a few options to consider and a few tips to know before you start diving with a redundant air source.

“Slow down young fella” — Attitudes in Technical Diving

It’s no secret that diving comes with risk. However, we increase that risk when we attempt to move our training forward too soon without practice and patience. It’s hard to be patient with ourselves in the age of social media when we see other advanced divers posting incredible photos of deep wrecks and caves. Learn why slowing down and gaining experience is ultimately the right choice every time.

Best wreck dives in Murcia

Are you a wreck seeker looking for your next adventure? Then you’ll want to read on. The Murcia Region of Spain is littered with wrecks of all shapes and sizes waiting to be explored. Here are just a handful of what you’ll find.

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Sidemount diving in open ocean – is there ever a good reason for it?

Sidemount diving was once believed to be for cave diving or the tight spaces of wreck penetration diving. But times are changing… Today sidemount is beneficial for more than just tight space diving. Divers love it for a variety of reasons. Discovery why tech divers are diving sidemount outside the caves nowadays.

A Brief History of the SS President Coolidge

Have you heard of the SS President Coolidge wreck? Some have noted it as “the world’s greatest shore dive” but do you know the history of this great wreck? Take a trip back in time a learn more about this wreck’s heyday.

Why I Switched from Diving Sidemount to CCR

Have you been thinking about making the jump from sidemount to rebreather? Have you weighed out the reasons to do it? Do you know how it would affect you on a boat dive vs a wreck dive vs a cave dive? Read on the break it all down.