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Why Your Debriefs Are Longer After a Technical Training Dive

Most, if not all, technical dive teams will debrief after every dive. Typical discussions include what went well, what didn’t, and any fixes for next time for each of the areas listed above.

Stop Using These Items, Start Recycling

It’s no secret that 7 billion humans have a profound impact on our environment on the macro and micro scale.

Behind the Scenes of a Tech Dive Photoshoot

If I had to say anything about this trip it would be:
“Is this real life? This is my job? Holy crap, I love this!”

Cylinder Elearning Training – $19.95 as required by OSHA

Cylinder Awareness training has long been out of reach for many people due to the difficulty finding a course in your local area. In addition, it may at times seem very cost prohibitive. That is now changing with the new eLearning Cylinder Awareness training course brought to you by SDI.

TDI Cavern Discovery

The allure of a new environment is always tempting, especially when you are diving in clear water and it appears “easy” to just poke your head in. Let’s face it, divers are explorers and adventurers – just poking our head in to see is not going to be enough. Don’t do it unless you are properly trained or have a TDI Cavern Discovery Instructor with you.

Can you Climb a Boat Ladder in Sidemount?

Sidemount is mainstream as a gear configuration and it works well for lots of people. While it originated in cave sites, it’s a common sight on dive boats, local quarries, and shore sites in present day. For good reasons, some people are hesitant about sidemount boat diving. This is due to two main reasons, both involving the wide surface profile of sidemount.

How to Attach a Bolt Snap to Dive Equipment

Bolt snaps are used in a variety of ways with technical gear configurations, and attaching one to their scuba gear is something most divers will need to do at some time or another. Whether you just purchased a new regulator set that needs a bolt snap on the primary regulator and SPG or you are replacing an old clip on a dive light, you need to know how to attach the new snap correctly.

Health and Fitness Part 5

Join us for Part 5 of our Health and Fitness where we talk about the health and fitness considerations a female diver and the individual preparation for a dive.

Takeaways From a Year in Truk Lagoon

When researching Truk, you often hear cheesy lines like “Wreck Divers Paradise”, “Wreck Divers Wet Dream,” and so on. I had lowered my expectations way beyond what the Internet kept screaming out to me before I arrived. There cannot be much left on the wrecks after all this time. Surely they must be in a sorry state. I can tell you after a year all my expectations were superseded.