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Fitness and Diving on the Technical Side

How do diving and fitness relate? Think about your buoyancy, is it harder or easier to control when you’re lighter or heavier? When you’re wearing your dive gear and a heavier set weight it’s going to make it tougher for you to carry because you’ll likely be out of breath much faster.

Choosing your Technical Instructor: Explorers & Educators

When it comes to choosing an instructor it’s not always as simple as picking the instructor with the most experience. While they might have years of experience that doesn’t always mean they are the best instructor for you. We’re walking you through what to look for in your tech diving instructor.

Got bad Buoyancy? Who cares?

But really why does it matter SO much?! You see so many divers on social media kneeling on the bottom, posing for photos without any regard to what surrounds them and what’s under them for that matter. Buoyancy isn’t just another skill to learn in diving it’s THE skill you need to master.


Why You Should Dive the SS Andrea Doria

Looking for some bragging rights? Or just to get an official “badass” award? Diving the Doria can give you both. This wreck is impressive and it’s definitely NOT for newbie divers. Some might wonder if it’s worth to dive considering the number of casualties it’s taken over the years.

That’s Wrong: Misconceptions on Overhead Diving

Crusing the internet for cave diving info is an interesting situation because like anything else you’re finding the info could be really awesome or uh… well not so awesome. This is where trouble begins, divers reading misinformation and not confirming it’s accuracy. We crusied the fourms and are tackling to misconceptions in overhead diving.


5 Excellent Reasons to Learn Cavern Diving

Thinking about going for your Cavern certification? Not sure what you’ll learn or why you need to take it so seriously? We’ll give you the run down on what to expect when starting your cavern course and how exactly it will impact you (for the better) as a diver.

That’s Wrong: Technical Diving Misconceptions

Have you been on the diving forums lately? Heard a few interesting theories? While sometimes this is a good place to start for basic questions, it can also lead you down a very wrong plan to misinformation. We cruised the forums and picked out a few things we saw and now we’re setting the record straight.


How a Solid Foundation Improves Communication & Teamwork

It might sound obvious but building a solid foundation in diving is key to any and all diver’s success. It keeps us safe and allows communicate effectively with our dive buddies. It’s worth it to make sure your basic skills are as perfect as they can be so you can continue to advance with every new certification.

Risk and Reward: Young Technical Divers

Robert started diving as soon as he could when he turned 10 years old. His parents didn’t even have to ask if he wanted to, he told them he wanted to get started. This came as no surprise since he grew up around diving and has an instructor for a father. Once he started he didn’t stop (and still isn’t), he’s an extremely experienced tech diver for just 16 years old.


Battery Technology in Diving

Do you know the different types of batteries we use in diving? Do you know why they’re different? Their uses? We’re telling you all of the above and more!