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Preview of DEMA 2017 Seminars

SDI/TDI/ERDI has some great presentations to share with you at DEMA this year. Check out our seminar line up and get pre-registered today


Team Teaching: A Tech Diver’s Perspective

Ready to move up to tech diving? Or to advance your level of tech diving? Have you considered having more than one instructor? Not only will this allow you to get more perspective on your course it will also create a built in back up plan.

Health and Fitness Part 2

In Part 2 of our Health and Fitness series, Thomas Powell shares the beginnings of the journey he went on with his business partner Josh Norris to improve their health and fitness. They start by visiting a doctor to get a professional opinion on how they should approach this process and they are shocked by what the doctor tells them. Later they recount how shedding some weight and upping their fitness routine affects their diving.


Getting to Grips with Narcosis

Do you know what happens when you push the limits too far? What you’re risking? Is it truly worth it? Narcosis isn’t something to joke around with. We’re taking a deeper look into it and handing out the facts on why you should always dive to your certification and stay well within your limits.

Fitness and Diving on the Technical Side

How do diving and fitness relate? Think about your buoyancy, is it harder or easier to control when you’re lighter or heavier? When you’re wearing your dive gear and a heavier set weight it’s going to make it tougher for you to carry because you’ll likely be out of breath much faster.

Choosing your Technical Instructor: Explorers & Educators

When it comes to choosing an instructor it’s not always as simple as picking the instructor with the most experience. While they might have years of experience that doesn’t always mean they are the best instructor for you. We’re walking you through what to look for in your tech diving instructor.

Got bad Buoyancy? Who cares?

But really why does it matter SO much?! You see so many divers on social media kneeling on the bottom, posing for photos without any regard to what surrounds them and what’s under them for that matter. Buoyancy isn’t just another skill to learn in diving it’s THE skill you need to master.


Why You Should Dive the SS Andrea Doria

Looking for some bragging rights? Or just to get an official “badass” award? Diving the Doria can give you both. This wreck is impressive and it’s definitely NOT for newbie divers. Some might wonder if it’s worth to dive considering the number of casualties it’s taken over the years.

That’s Wrong: Misconceptions on Overhead Diving

Crusing the internet for cave diving info is an interesting situation because like anything else you’re finding the info could be really awesome or uh… well not so awesome. This is where trouble begins, divers reading misinformation and not confirming it’s accuracy. We crusied the fourms and are tackling to misconceptions in overhead diving.