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Solving Difficult Problems far Below the Surface

How do you handle emergencies? Do you start before there could ever be one by practicing foundational skills? Do you hope for the best and dive without worry? If the latter is you, you might fall prey to the “incident pit” faster than others.

How The Human Diver Helped Stop a Bar Fight

Are you aware of what your mission is in diving situations? Better yet, are you aware that you are aware? People don’t know what they don’t know and that old habits die hard. Are you always thinking about safety? Learn more about how on insurance rep took Gareth Lock’s Human Factors course and applied it to all aspects of life.

Diving favourite Physicist Friends

Originally, none of these formulated concepts were considered for a diving audience. They were simply investigations into the nature and behaviour of gases. However, these various scientific pioneers have turned out to be some of scuba diving’s favourite physicist friends.

Tips for Reaching the Valves on your Twinset

This is not in any way, shape, or form about how to do a valve drill, shutdown drill, boom scenario or whatever else you call it. How you twiddle those knobs behind your head is for you and you alone to decide. This IS, however, a troubleshooting guide to fixing some details that might make it easier for you.

A Day in the Life of…An Underwater Actress

There are so many avenues you can take when you start your scuba diving journey. Scuba diving can be a endlessly fun hobby or if you love it enough you’ll figure out how to make it your job. Gemma is back to talk about how she stumbled into the role of underwater actress.

Technical Wreck Diving in Northeast Brazil

Is wreck diving in Brazil on your bucket list? Get ready to add it because of these wrecks. These six wrecks are a must see if you ever happen to find yourself in northeast Brazil. Diving is a crazy sport known to take folks to all ends of the world, so you never know!

Top Mine Diving Destinations

Have you noticed an influx of mine diving photos on social media? It’s trending in popularity and we’re loving it! Learn more about where you can find some of these spots and their history from Gemma Smith.

13 True Adventure Books For Aspiring Tech Divers

These aren’t your average technical diving books. They will lead you on an adventure that leaves you itching for your next tech dive!

6 Books That Shaped Technical Diving

Looking for your next weekend read? Look no further than these five tech diving books. These are just a start of a great list of books about tech diving. Recalling stories of great tech diving pioneers and record setters.

Don’t Drink and Dive

Have you committed this diving no-no in the past? Or have you considered it while on a dive vacation? Learn more about why you should never drink and dive, and the risks you may be taking when doing so.