2/24/19 – Go Diving – Coventry, UK

Now you can come and experience diving for the first time at the GO Diving dive show – and find a host of experts on hand to answer those questions you were perhaps afraid to ask. The Inspiration Stage will host talks aimed at dispelling some of the myths around diving, giving even more reasons why you would want to learn to dive. Come listen to BBC stars Andy Torbet and Miranda Krestovnikoff, from Beyond Bionic, The One Show, Coast, Wreck Detectives and Operation Iceberg, discussing how they got into diving, what they love about exploring beneath the surface, and hear about some of their underwater adventures.

Humans are not very good at going backwards! 

The big lesson for me that I took from this is that having a good knowledge of your dive site is crucial when dealing with these situations.

michael thomas

Three Strikes and You Are Out

You will never know when something outside of your planning happens or equipment failure strikes to make life interesting and if your skills are rusty then problems can escalate.

The President Ship