Why Your Team Needs Swift Water Training

Is your team swift-water trained? Some folks think that if you don’t live in an area where flooding could occur that this type of training is unnecessary. We tend to disagree and feel that you should never underestimate the power of water.

Line Signals

Using line signals is one of the most basic forms of communication is public safety diving. Understanding the ins and outs of using line signals can be the difference in a successful recovery or a recovery from the recovery.

Red Fisher

Red Fisher: SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador

What was the first dive you did and how did it influence you to start a career in the diving industry?

The first dive that i ever did was at the age of 7. it was not really a dive but i loved the feeling it gave me. depth of 1.5 meters, in my pool at home. Stole my dads gear for an hour to play under the water. I did nothing but breath. was so much fun!!

What do you believe is the most important trait of a professional educator and why?

In my opinion, the most important trait of a professional educator is understanding that not all people are like you. once you have realized this, teaching them becomes so much easier.

What is your favorite SDI class to teach and why?  

My favorite course is the OW course. Why? Because of the change that you seen in the people from the first day to the last.

What is a bucket list dive you still have?

Diving under the ice.

What is one bit of advice you would give to a perspective Instructor candidate about to embark on becoming an SDI Instructor?

My advice to all instructors is the same. Don’t be brave, be afraid. This way, you will not put your students in dangerous situations.