divemaster briefings

Divemaster Briefings

3 ways listening to the divemaster can actually benefit your dive.


What is YOUR favorite Dive Site?

I was asked to put down a list of the top ten destinations in the Caribbean according to Yelp and decided against it. You can “Yelp” it yourself.

Jacquess Caisson

Jacquess Caisson (1610-1676)

Historical archives often conceals many surprises. One of them is the personality of the French engineer Jacquess Caisson (1610-1676).


A Passing of the Torch

In this year of Olympic summer games, we’re been preparing for the passing of our own torch of sorts.


Warrior Transition Unit Scuba Camp

The camp saw over 30 soldiers participate in Scuba Discovery and some of those warriors completed their confined water skills. These soldiers suffer from various wounds; from PTSD; bullet/shrapnel; back, hip, leg injuries; and some with TBI’s.