International Training Crossover eLearning Course

ITI Professional Familiarization Program

Crossover to ITI Today The ITI Professional Familiarization Program makes it possible to complete all academic requirements for a SDI/TDI/ERDI Dive Professional. This is the first step for an individual who is current with another recognized SCUBA certification agency to crossover to Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI) or Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI). You will only have to complete this familiarization once, even if you are crossing over to more than one of these agencies.

The crossover (familiarization) course is a three step process:

  • Step one is to complete this self-study academic program. The program will acquaint you with the history and philosophy of International Training – the parent company of SDI, TDI and ERDI. It will also review standards and procedures, programs and products for the agency or agencies for which you may be qualifying.
  • Step two is to gather all of the required paperwork you must submit to acquire your new professional rating(s). This paperwork will include a copy of your current required professional rating and, if required, current insurance listing SDI/TDI/ERDI as an additional insured. Once you complete the on-line program and successfully complete the final exam a course completion form will be emailed to you. This form will have a list of all required paperwork you will need to submit. The form along with all required paperwork will need to be submitted to an SDI/TDI/ERDI Representative.
  • Step three is to finalize your rating. Options for this step are:
    • Option one is to meet with a SDI/TDI/ERDI Representative or Instructor Trainer. During this meeting you will be able to ask any questions you may have. The representative will ensure you have all required paperwork and will help you submit it to SDI/TDI/ERDI Headquarters.
    • Option two is to meet with an individual from the local SDI/TDI/ERDI facility you are affiliated with. They will verify you have all required paperwork and will be able to help answer questions you may have. You can always contact SDI/TDI/ERDI Headquarters with your questions.

Once your paperwork is received and processed by headquarters you will receive your new SDI, TDI or ERDI Dive Professional credentials.

If you are located outside of North America, contact your local SDI, TDI, ERDI Regional Office. A contact list can be found here:

eLearning available in English, Español, Português, and Deutsche. Get Started »


*Course cost in USD for eLearning only.  Additional training or evalauation not included. Contact your Instructor Trainer for full course cost.