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Teach SCUBA Diving with SDI TDI ERDI

Over the last few years, more and more scuba diving professionals have been taking a closer look at the different options available through International Training. From recreational sport diving to cutting-edge technical training and on through public safety diving practices, International Training has been a forerunner in shaping these three areas of scuba diving. Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI) and Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) all work as standalone agencies, or in conjunction, based on your training needs.

We are accepting new members… find out how!

The International Training; SDI, TDI, and ERDI crossover program allows Divemasters (DM), Assistant Instructors (AI), and Instructors to become a certified dive professional within the International Training system if they hold an equivalent rating with an organization recognized by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC), European Underwater Federation (EUF), and International Standards Organization (ISO).

In recognition of this, International Training has developed an equivalency table to outline the qualifications International Training will accept as a crossover, so long as the member is in good standing with their current organization.

It should be noted, this list is subject to change without any notice. Please do not download, take screen captures, or copy this information as it’s available through the website allowing viewers to have the most up-to-date information. All leadership applications are subject to review and approval of International Training’s Training Department.

You May Qualify to Crossover to SDI Divemaster If You Hold One of the Following Ratings…You May Qualify to Crossover to SDI Assistant Instructor If You Hold One of the Following RatingsYou May Qualify to Crossover to SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor If You Hold One of the Following Ratings…
ACUC DivemasterACUC Assistant InstructorACUC Open Water Instructor
ANDI DivemasterANDI Assistant InstructorANDI Instructor
BSAC Dive LeaderBSAC Assistant Open Water InstructorBSAC Open Water Instructor
CMAS: BEFOS-FEBRAS Three Star DiverCMAS: BEFOS-FEBRAS One Star InstructorCMAS: BEFOS-FEBRAS Two Star Instructor
CMAS: CFT Three Star DiverCMAS: CFT One Star InstructorCMAS: CFT Two Star Instructor
CMAS: DSF Three Star DiverCMAS: DSF One Star InstructorCMAS: DSF Two Star Instructor
CMAS: FIAS Three Star DiverCMAS: FIAS One Star InstructorCMAS: FIAS Two Star Instructor
CMAS: TDIF Three Star DiverCMAS: TDIF One Star InstructorCMAS: TDIF Two Star Instructor
CMAS: VDST Three Star DiverCMAS: VDST One Star InstructorCMAS: VDST Two Star Instructor
CMAS: VDTL Three Star DiverCMAS: VDT One Star InstructorCMAS: VDTL Two Star Instructor
DDI DivemasterDDI Assistant InstructorDDI Instructor
IAC Dive LeaderIAC Basic InstructorIAC Open Water Instructor
IDEA DivemasterIDEA Assistant InstructorIDEA Open Water Instructor
ISDA DivemasterISDA Assistant InstructorISDA Open Water Instructor
NASDS DivemasterNASDS Scuba InstructorNASDS OWSD Instructor
NAUI Assistant InstructorNAUI DivemasterNAUI Instructor
NDL DivemasterNDL 1NDL 2
PADI DivemasterPADI Assistant InstructorPADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
PDA Group GuidePDA Assistant InstructorPDA Instructor
PDIC Dive SupervisorPDIC Assistant InstructorPDIC Instructor
PSS DivemasterPSS Assistant InstructorPSS Sua Instructor
SNSI DivemasterSNSI Open Water InstructorSNSI DM Instructor
SSI DivemasterSSI Dive Control SpecialistSSI Open Water Instructor
WOSD Dive LeaderWOSD Instructor Level 1WOSD Instructor Level 2
GUE Rec 1 Instructor

If you do not see your dive training organization listed, not to worry – there are still options available for you! Fill out the form below to receive more information from our Training Department.

If you are located outside of North America, contact your local SDI, TDI, ERDI Regional Office. A contact list can be found here: https://www.tdisdi.com/contact/.

Crossover candidates must provide verification that they are in active teaching status and in good standing with the organization they are crossing over from. If a crossover candidate is not currently in active teaching status; additional requirements may apply.

So add a new avenue to your current training curriculum by crossing over to International Training. We look forward to you joining our team.

See our Recreational Sport Diver Equivalences here!

SDI scuba-training-equivalency chart

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