TDI Tech Diving Weekend


Feb 26-28 2010.   Subtropic is hosting a TDI Tech Diving Weekend. Come for a “meet & greet” social on Friday evening with Brian Carney, President of TDI, and others, then dive the Vandenberg (Max 150 f/46 m) on Saturday, and on Sunday dive the wreck of the Curb (200 ft/61 m max). 
The first 6 TDI divers to book will get 2 spots for the price of 1. –* Both divers must show TDI Deco procedures or deeper C-card at the store during Friday’s check in to take advantage of the special
If you are a TDI/SDI Dive Center, book your spaces before January 8th and get a 20% discount on all your spaces.
Price of the weekend is only $160 plus tax of 7.5%.
Reserve your space with $80 deposit that is fully refundable up to February 1st, 2010. No refunds after February 1st, 2010.
There will be contests for prizes, and the opportunity to buy any and all tech gear you try out at a discounted rate.
Once you have booked your spot, Subtropic Dive Center will send you a confirmation email with a detailed itinerary.
Accommodation can be arranged, but must be booked a min of 2 weeks in advance. Rental gear is available, but limited, so please book your rental equipment needs at the time of your booking with Subtropic dive center to insure availability. All fills will be available at Subtropic Dive Center. Inquire with Subtropic Dive Center for rates.
This event is open to all TDI/SDI Dive Centers and all Tech divers (individuals and groups) and must be deco procedures or deeper certified, or be part of a class to participate on the dives.
Looking Forward to diving with you! CONTACT SUBTROPIC TODAY





Subtropic has been a dive destination for over 25 years. It has seen many changes over that time, but one thing has remained consistent over that time, and that is customer service. “The main thing we do that keeps divers coming back year after year is listening to their needs and adapting with the changing times to offer what they want,” says Robin Lockwood, owner of Subtropic.
Not only does Subtropic offer recreational dive trips out to the wrecks and reefs of Key West, but we also offer Tech diving trips for those divers who are more advanced and wish to see something different. The USS Curb, the USS Wilkes-Barre and the S-16 Sub are all wrecks that Billy Deans did back in the day, and Tech divers want a piece of that history.
Of course, the latest wreck to go down in the Key West fleet is the USNS Vandenberg (sunk May 09). It is the perfect training platform for both Tech divers and rebreathers, ranging from a depth of 55’ – 150’.
Nitrox and Trimix is becoming the norm for a number of visitors to the Key West wrecks. Subtropic has been supplying these for a long time. “We have huge 32% banks and the capability to pump any Helium mix your heart desires” says Robin. “We have welcomed tech divers since we opened our doors and are seeing more and more rebreathers, especially now that the Vandenberg has gone down”. 
Subtropic runs Tech and Rebreather specific charters to groups who wish to dive any of the more advanced wrecks around Key West. You are an advanced diver and want to stay down for two – four hours? No problem! Our Tech specific boat only takes out tech and rebreathers so you can have all the bottom time you want.
As a TDI Diving Facility, Subtropic offers all instructors who are bringing down tech students a great discounted rate. If you are interested in becoming a Tech diver, call Subtropic for their list of Tech instruction.
If you are planning a short vacation or a week-long diving bonanza, Subtropic can also arrange lodging for you at great rates.
To summarize, Subtropic is a down-to-earth, friendly and knowledgeable company whose attitude is to safely  ‘get out there and dive!


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