Digital Marketing Workshop

The Best Digital Marketing Conference and Workshop for Scuba Dealers

This 2-day event is designed to help you build and execute Digital Marketing Strategies for your SCUBA business, while networking with best dive retailers in the industry. We want to share with you the exact processes we used and the steps we took to build out successful campaigns that generated thousands of leads and new customers.

You will see first hand how to create a keyword strategy that attracts your ideal customers. Learn how to design and deploy facebook ads that actually convert.   Are you currently measuring your marketing?  Come found out what metrics our marketing team looks at to determine the success of every campaign.  These are just a few of the workshops we are excited about.

Dealer Conf Attendees 2018

2018 Dealer Conference Attendees

What we want for you:

We want to inspire and empower you to create your own marketing campaigns and network with some of the industry’s top retailers! We want to help you build your team and your personal skills, so you can move from now to next.

Who this event is for:

Scuba Dealers who are passionate about their online presence, but struggling with keeping up with the every changing digital marketing trends, then this event is for you.

What you can expect

You’ll leave SDI’s Dealer Conference armed with expert tactics, tips, and techniques that can be immediately implemented to drive traffic, convert visitors, and grow your business.

  • Learn how to create a content marketing plan that works
  • Find out what makes a successful online presence and what you need to make that happen
  • Create a facebook ad for new leads.  Learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager so you can launch an ad from start to finish (Beginner Level)
  • See winning tactics on Instagram
  • Create a dashboard that records and displays insightful data about your marketing.