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Digital Certification Cards

Now you can have all your certifications with you at all times. The SDI TDI ERDI PFI Mobile App allows you to access, download and share your digital certification cards. No payment or syncing required! Sign in and instantly your certifications from all of our agencies will be visible. It’s that simple. You can download the certifications to your phone or send them as an email.


Download your digital certifications to your mobile device for quick and easy access.


Getting ready to dive and forgot your certification card? Download and share your cert directly through email.

Access, update, and sync your profile with


Any edits you make to your profile through the SDI TDI ERDI PFI Mobile App automatically sync to your profile on


Forgot to upload a photo? Need to edit your address? Log in and update your photo and contact info directly through the app.

Explore SDI TDI ERDI PFI content and our community.

The SDI TDI ERDI PFI Mobile App gives you access to all of your favorite content from our YouTube channel to blogs on the website. Swap between agencies to find something totally new!




Find Dive Centers and Instructors all over the world.

If you’re looking for your next adventure, or about to land at a new destination, you can search for our affiliated facilities directly through the app.

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Download the SDI TDI ERDI PFI Mobile App from the Google Play or Apple App Store.