15,000 Dives!

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SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: Historic Dive Scheduled, and YOU are invited to join in!

15 000 divesThis coming Thursday June 10th long-time dive-industry professional Fred Riger expects to complete his 15,000th logged dive!

Yes, that’s 15 thousand dives, and by any standard, that equals a lot of experience and a whole bunch of interesting stories.

We are proud to help Fred celebrate this historic event, and he is extending an invitation to join him in the water on June 10th in the Bahamas. Who knows, you may pick up a pointer or two!

If you are interested in joining in on this little piece of scuba diving history, contact Fred and Melinda Riger at their shop in Freeport Grand BahamaGrand Bahama Scuba.

Fred Riger is an SDI/TDI instructor trainer, having taught SDI programs right from the launch of SDI.  Grand Bahama Scuba was one of the very first scuba training centers in the world to offer International Training programs exclusively and continues that practice to this day.

Over the years, Fred has helped turn on literally thousands of people to the adventure and challenge of diving. He is one of SDI’s most popular figures, known for his patience, quiet expertise and love of the sport.

Congratulations Fred from the whole gang at SDI / TDI!


Find out more about Fred and Grand Bahama Scuba on the web>>>

May 12, 2010

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