Artificial Reef Society of BC needs volunteers

Metals Extraction Weekend May 8th & 9th – Meet time 7:45 at Sewell’s Marina Blue Lookout Building in Horseshoe Bay
Join us this weekend for our third major Extraction Event as we remove metals that have accumulatedover the wintermonthsonto a barge for two solid days May 8th and 9th

Thank you to everyone who is signed up so far!!  We really need more volunteers to make this weekend a success



We will host a FREE BBQ both days on the flight deck!


Volunteers can still bring tools in case they are needed, but for the most part it will be fire brigade work. It is important that everyone brings work gloves, eye ware, good shoes and dresses for the weather. 

Thank you to our sponsors!



We have prizes donated by Aqualung, Oceanic, Zeagle, Whites,



Ocean Pro Divers, International Dive Centre & Ocean Quest Dive Centre




Free boat transportation is provided from Horseshoe Bay by Sea Dragon Charters


Meet at Sewell`s Blue Lookout Building in Horseshoe Bay.  Exact meet time will be provided upon sign up. Please email me to secure your space on the roster. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Deirdre Forbes McCracken


ARSBC Director of Public Relations 604-782-3483
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