Be a part of diving history…

Here’s something you might consider adding to your "TO DO" list for the summer. The good folks at Gilboa Quarry in Ohio are organizing an attempt to set a new record for the most divers submerged at one time.

It’s being billed as your chance to be part of diving history, and sounds like it could be fun above and below the water!

Gilboa is one of the most unique and popular dive destinations in Ohio and you can find out more about it at It’s well-known by the sport and tech crowd and attracts divers from across state and much further afield. The quarry itself has a deep (technical deep) and shallow area, plenty to see and veruy comfortable surface facilities to feed, warm and entertain divers during surface intervals. And the staff are helpful and knowledgable.

The EVENT is set to take place on Saturday, July 18 with prizes and awards to be given out on Sunday the 19th.

There will be entertainment — as if diving with a thousand buddies is not entertainment enough — and lots of great prizes.

Admission Cost of $50.00 US for the 18th includes:

·    Certificate

·    T-Shirt

·    Dinner Saturday Evening

·    Entertainment

·    Free Parking

Prizes include:

·    Underwater Scooters

·    Gilboa Quarry Lifetime Season Pass which includes Parking and Camping

·    Dry Suits

·    Wet Suits

·    Computers

·    Regulators

·    Masks

·    Fins

·    Gear Bags

·    Dive Lights and much more…

To register for this event please fill out the Registration form to be found at: .

You must fill out and print this form. This is not an electronic submission. Please mail it along with your payment per the instructions on the bottom of the form. If you are a dive shop and need more copies of this form you can download the PDF and distribute.

Due to an immense amount of preparation for this special event please register ASAP. Your cooperation and timeliness is greatly appreciated.

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