CHAMBER DAY: Show your support for an old friend to sport divers

 Chamber Day in Catalina

You can help support the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber in its 36th year of service to the Southern California Diving Communities; and it is so easy.

Chamber Day 2010 ( is only a month away. The 22nd annual Chamber Day and 12th annual Chamber Evening Fund Raiser for the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber will be held on Wednesday May 5th, and this is YOUR invitation.

For the past 36 years the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber has been dedicated to the treatment of diving accidents on a 24/7/365 basis. Having the Chamber available gives local and visiting divers in Southern California waters a vital safety net in the event of a diving accident.

The Chamber’s contract from LA County provides a little more than half of the Chamber’s annual budget needs. The annual Chamber Day contributions from divers, clubs, shops, manufacturers, organizations, publications and dive boat operators provide a significant portion of the remaining budget.

These funds go to covering transportation of Chamber Volunteers to and from the mainland, treatment gas, equipment purchases, maintenance, and repairs. 

If you haven’t already signed up for Chamber Day 2010 there are many ways you can participate:

  • Participate in the 22nd Annual Chamber Day Dive

  • Attend the 12th Annual Chamber Eve Dinner

  • Enter the Chamber Day Raffle

  • Donate to the 2010 Catalina Chamber Challenge

  • Participate in the Chamber’s Safety Sponsor Pledge Drive

  • Dive The Flying Dutchman

  • Order Chamber Day & Chamber Evening Shirts On-Line

For more information on how you can be involved in Chamber Day 2010 visit the Chamber Day web site at You can also get updates on Chamber Day and other Chamber Events by becoming a Facebook Fan of the Chamber (


Thank you for your support.

For more details, please contact Karl E. Huggins – Director, USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber


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