Check into these Keys Charters: MV Spree and Best of Florida Keys Wrecks

Clear your agenda and wipe your calendar clean. Here’s a great opportunity to dive three of the top wrecks in the Florida Keys from the comfort of a 100 foot live-aboard.

The Best of the Florida Keys Wrecks is scheduled for August 20, 21, 22 2009, and Captains Frank and Melanie (who run the MV Spree out of Key West) have teamed up with Captain Dan of Horizon Divers and Captain Gary from Conch Republic Divers to offer divers a special opportunity to see the best of the Florida Keys wrecks.

This End of Week trip gives divers the opportunity to dive the Spiegel Grove or Duane, Bibb or Eagle, and the Vandenberg all for one low price, lodging on board the spacious Spree included!

The charter is open to technical divers and advanced sport divers.

Spiegel Grove sits in 134 feet of water with the top of her superstructure at about 60 feet.

The Bibb sits on her starboard side with her bow facing north in 130 feet of water. Divers will reach the upper portions of the Bibb in only 90 feet of water. The Duane sits upright and intact with a slight starboard list in 118 feet of water.

The Duane’s crow’s nest is first reached in 60 feet of water, while her wheel house is in 80 feet. Her main decks are at 98 feet, and her bow points southeast. With the Clear Gulf Stream water running over both these ex USCG vessels, visibility can be as good as 200 feet, but usually ranges from 30 to 80 feet. There is strong current.

The Eagle was a 260-foot freighter which now sits in 115 feet of water. Although the ship was torn in two by Hurricane George, she has been down since the late 1980s and is covered in growth and is home to huge schools of fish.

The Vandenberg is a brand-new reef sunk earlier this summer. She was a US Navy vessel and sits in about 140 feet of water with a vertical relief of about 100 feet and is more than 520 feet long.

The Spree moved to the Keys starting operations there last year. She is powered by  three 12V71 Detriot Diesel engines and  runs  at  a  top  speed of  approximately 16 knots. She has two  30kw  generators  to  keep  the  lights  on  and  the  air compressors pumping.

The passenger bunks are arranged in 4 cabins of 4 and a large common  area  of  8,  each  bunk with  its  own  privacy  curtain.   

Click here for details and to sign up.

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