Dive into fun with Rec-2-Tec Week in the Keys

SDI, TDI is proud to be part of the first Rec-2-Tek week in the Upper Keys May 3rd – 9th, 2009, featuring Richie Kohler and John Chatterton. Put on by the members of the Upper Keys Association of Dive and Snorkel Operators, the organizations members include Garden Cove Divers, Horizon Divers, History of Dive Museum, and Conch Republic Divers who all work together to sponsor and promote events for Florida’s Upper Keys. We are very excited about having TDI/SDI as a sponsor this year as they share the vision of working together in dive events to achieve success for the dive shops, as well as, fun for the diver.

Dive activities during Rec-2-Tek include diving on the wrecks of the Spiegel Grove, Duane, Eagle, and Bibb, as well as, technical diving for those qualified on the Northern Lights and Queen of Nassau. Classes available during the event include, TDI certifications for tri-mix, advanced nitrox, deco procedures, advanced wreck which will be taught at the members dive shops.

Special guest Richie Kohler and John Chatterton will be teaching together for the first time ever during the event and offering a 3 certification course consisting of Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures, and Advanced Wreck. These two accomplished wreck divers will also be hosting several activities during the week long events, from a happy hour at Buzzards Roost, book signing and presentation at History of Diving Museum, and a BBQ at Horizon Divers. This will give the attendees to the event a chance to meet, talk, and ask questions of them.

Scubaocity.com, a new on-line dive tracking/reservation system for dive shops is creating a calendar of these events and can be accessed by visiting  https://www.divecapital.org, the non-profit organizations website. The Scubaocity system will allow you to sign up on-line for any of the dives, instruction, or activities occurring during the event.

We hope this will prove to be another successful event hosting by the Upper Keys Association of Dive and Snorkel Operators who have previously hosted three successful Island Sun Splash events in the area. For more information please visit https://www.divecaptial.org or call any of the participating dive shops.

·    Garden Cove Dive Center             https://www.gardencovedivers.com             305-451-5844

·    Horizon Divers                                https://www.horizondivers.com                    305-453-3535

·    Conch Republic Divers                  https://www.conchrepublicdivers.com         305-852-1655

·    History of Diving Museum           https://www.divingmuseum.com                  305-664-9737

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