Dive Show Schedule

It is dive show season, fully and completely.

Everyone at SDI, TDI and ERDI would like to give a big thank you to the organizers and everyone who dropped by our booth and who attended our seminars at the Our World Underwater Show in Chicago last month. It was fun for our staff to meet with local divers and dive professionals. One of the highlights for us was having a full-house for the Sidemount presentation.

If you missed OWU but are going to be attending ScubaFest (Columbus, Ohio, March 18-20) or Beneath The Sea (Secuacus, NJ, March 25-27) this is your invitation to come out to see us at both those shows.

ScubaFest will be held at the Crowne Plaza North, Columbus, Ohio, on 6500 Doubletree Ave. There will be lots of seminars, presentations and exhibits. On Saturday March 19 from 10 until 11 in Salon B SDI/TDI’s Director of Marketing, Corporate Communications, Steve Lewis will present:

Rebreathers: are they the solution you’ve been looking for?

If you dive, chances are you have given some thought to rebreather diving and whether there is a CCR in your future. During this presentation, experienced tech diver, author and CCR instructor Steve Lewis takes a slightly off-kilter, humorous look at the pros and cons of rebreather diving in the hope that he can save you time, heartache and MONEY.

On Sunday March 20, from noon until 1 PM in Salon C, he will deliver:

Sidemount Diving and its application in wreck and open water diving.

Sidemount used to be exclusive to divers exploring small, tight caves, but in the past couple of years, this very simple kit configuration has become the hottest topic in diving. This presentation will outline the whys and how-tos of sidemount diving for wreck diving and open water cold-water divers. If you are curious about sidemount diving, this presentation is a good way to find answers to your questions.

Steve will also be running an SDI/TDI/ERDI member update during the show. If you are a pro-level member (DM, AI, OSI, tech Instructor, or IT) please email steve.lewis@tdisdi.com to book your spot and to get more details.

Beneath the Sea (BTS) is the Big annual consumer dive show for the Northeastern States and Eastern Canada, and as in the past will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus New Jersey over the March 25 – 27 weekend.

On Friday, from 9:00 – 4:00 ERDI will be part of the PUBLIC SAFETY DIVERS CONFERENCE to be held at the Holiday Inn just across from the Convention Center. Among the PSD speakers will be Paul Montgomery.

Also on Friday from 6 PM until 9 PM there will be a full slate of TECHNICAL DIVING SEMINARS including presentations from Jarrod Jablonski, Jill Heinerth, TDI’s Steve Lewis, Dallas Edmiston, Dave Ulloa, Dr. Matthew Partrick, Jeff Loflin, and Peter Denhaan. TDI’s Lewis will be making two presentations during the evening; one on dive planning and the second on the special considerations of diving CCRs in cold water.

After the Tech Seminars, TDI will be co-hosting the TECH PARTY. Please drop by our booth on the exhibition floor on Friday or see our staff at the seminars to get your ticket.

On Saturday, the show runs full tilt and among the presentations and workshops will be the popular SDI Solo Diving Presentation: The Secrets of Solo Diving.

For details about ScubaFest, visit: https://scubafest.org/

For more about Beneath The Sea, visit: https://www.beneaththesea.org/

To find out about SDI/TDI participation in dive events in Australia, CLICK HERE>>> and in the UK, CLICK HERE>>>



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