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Here’s an opportunity to increase the impact and sales of your scuba courses in the coming year… offer your customers MORE!

Scuba Diving International™ is running an Instructor crossover program during the Florida Scuba Show in Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday, November 16 from 2-5 PM. The crossover will be held in Room #1 at South Florida Fairgrounds, Expo Center West.

This crossover is perfect if you have new staff or instructors who have joined you recently and they teach for any sport diving agency other than Scuba Diving International, take advantage of this offer to bring them on board with Scuba Diving International and YOUR store.

Scuba Diving International (SDI) Headquarters Instructor-trainers will be on hand to run a cross-over workshop just steps away from this exciting consumer dive show serving the South Eastern market, on Sunday, November 16th starting at 2 PM.

 Please invite your staff to attend this program and have the instructor ratings they currently hold, including specialties, crossed over to Scuba Diving International quickly and efficiently.

Cost of crossover including all fees and materials is only $399 — which includes ALL specialties upgrades as well as the materials needed to start teaching SDI Open Water Programs!

RSVP IS REQUIRED for the Crossover Program

Spaces are filling fast… and a WHOLE NEW season will be upon us very soon.

REMINDER:  Plan now to attend the FREE International Training Update earlier on Sunday, November 16th from 1 PM to 2 PM in the same room. RSVP appreciated but not required for the Update program.

Space limited. Call 1-888-778-9073 or email nestor.palmero@tdisdi.com to reserve your spot today.


Where adventure and learning begin™


Ten reasons you should teach with Scuba Diving International


With the International Training family of agencies your divers will never outgrow the training you can offer.

Scuba Diving International is your divers’ entry point, Technical Diving International addresses your divers’ more advanced needs and Emergency Response Diving International lets you contribute to your community while strengthening your most important brand….YOU. Build stronger customer relationships from open water, advanced open water and specialties, through closed-circuit rebreathers, mixed gas, and overhead environment diving. Your level of participation is up to you!


International Training is the simple business solution for you, your dive center and your fellow instructors. You will enjoy the benefits of:

·         One single annual renewal fee for instructors, yes for ALL three agencies

·          FREE facility renewals, never a facility membership charge

·         Competitive low-priced comprehensive insurance policy that covers you to teach ALL programs and even the programs you may choose to teach from other agencies

In addition International Training offers an easy-to-follow educational system for personal development as well as many upgrade paths for instructors just like you.


Scuba Diving International courses and certifications are recognized worldwide. We have more than 28 international offices and are members of World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC), Recreational Scuba Training Council USA, Canada and Europe. 

Scuba Diving International programs are also approved by the European Underwater Federation (EUF).


As a Pro-level Member of Scuba Diving International you are plugged into the most innovative educational system in the diving industry… worldwide!

Scuba Diving International was:

·         First to make online open water training mainstream

·         Firstto present online specialties such as wreck, computer nitrox, deep and navigation

·         First and only insured sport-level Solo Diver™ program

·         First to release kids diving programs

·         Firstto allow you to teach “as they dive,” permitting  students to learn to dive utilizing a Personal Dive Computer (PDC)

·         First  to drop the requirement for beginning divers to learn cumbersome tables, while giving you the option to teach tables…or not!



Scuba Diving International allows you to tailor training to suit your customer’s needs and meet the challenges of your local environment. With SDI you are not forced to follow a video lesson plan. You are part of an organization that is making diving more accessible.  For example, our Scubility™ program opens up the adventure of diving to the challenged.

What program would you like to launch to help grow our industry?


We do not rest on our laurels and are constantly improving our customer service performance. During business hours our phones are answered by real customer service representatives and we offer 48-hour turn-around on C-cards and Diplomas.

7.         e-FLUENT PEOPLE 

International Training has a fast, efficient and ever growing online members area, which streamlines student registration and product ordering. And it’s available when you are, 24/7/365!

8.         PROMOTING YOU

Scuba Diving International connects you to new customers by leveraging new technologies and media. We increase your stores impact with your divers by driving recognition of the Scuba Diving International advantage through electronic newsletters, online presence in diver forums, an optimized website, public appearances and our award-winning glossy magazine, Diving Adventure.

Connecting your to new customers and embracing technology.


Increase profits though increased margins on teaching materials for your facility and your instructors. Consolidation decreases your cost of doing business; work with a business partner who cares about your bottom line.

10.       TAKE THE LEAD

You know your market and its needs; our local representatives will listen to you and work with you to grow your name and your business.

We have the tools and the experience to help you to maximize your branding in your community.


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