FREE Travel Adventure Tickets…YOURS for TAKING!


 Associate Membership has its privileges!
If you hold a certification for any non professional level of diving with any of the sister certification agencies,
SDI, TDI or ERDI then you are an Associate Member. And as they say… Membership certainly does have its privileges!
October 16-17, 2010 at the Meadowlands Expo Center, also home to the Beneath the Sea Show!
The New York Metro Travel Adventure Show will take place.
Open Saturday (10AM – 5PM) & Sunday (11AM -4PM)
Attend on us! A $10.00 value, 16 and under are FREE !
Catch a seminar, check out the activities, learn about far off places, try a zip line or maybe rock climbing… but remember when it is time to book the next DIVE TRAVEL ADVENTURE let the Dive Pros at your local SDI/TDI facility handle it for you.
Your local store works directly with Scuba Travel International (STI) to plan your adventure, custom just for you!
So even if you  cannot make it to the New York area show…. Contact your local dive facility today or contact STI and start planning your next dive adventure today.


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