Graveyard of the Atlantic

The Graveyard of the Atlantic Expedition is a new expedition where the prime focus will be on the USS Monitor, but will also include other area shipwrecks.   Now you can follow the day to day progress via online video reports.

Dan Crowell is one of our original instructor-trainers and a well-respected figure among serious wreck divers around the world. For many years, Dan was the go-to-guy for technical charters to the prime shipwrecks off the North East coast.

Dan concentrates on making movies these days, but true to form, he remains a very active CCR and OC instructor and is still a go-to-guy for exciting diving opportunities. His latest is an expedition to the USS Monitor, later this summer.

The Monitor of course was the first ironclad warship commissioned by the United States Navy, and earned her fame during the American Civil War, most especially in her battle with the Confederate ironclad, CSS Virginia.

Monitor was lost in a fierce storm, December 31, 1862 off North Carolina, and the wreck lay undisturbed until 1973, when it was discovered sitting in 70 metres of water (about 230 feet) approximately 16 nautical miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

The wreck site was designated as the United States’ first marine sanctuary. Monitor National Marine Sanctuary is the only one of the thirteen national marine sanctuaries created to protect a cultural resource, rather than a natural resource.

The Expedition

The expedition is scheduled to run from June 21st through the 27th. The permit allows Dan and his team to conduct non-indigenous marine life and high resolution video and photographic surveys. This will be carried out in collaboration with Rutgers University’s Institute of Marine and Coastal Science (IMCS) and NOAA. Dan says that the group will also be running low level side scan and water quality surveys utilizing an autonomous underwater vehicle or (AUV) know as REMUS an acronym for Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS.

“This type of survey will be the first of its kind to be conducted over the Monitor site and surrounding area,” Dan also explains. One of the primary goals of the expedition is to show that scientists, private individual, and government agencies can work in unison for a common goal. Simply stated; Dan says there will be a lot of cool stuff to follow.

One interesting development about the Expedition is that there will be daily i-news reports that will be available online from Rutgers, Deep Explorers and the National Marine Sanctuaries websites. The web cast is designed for educational institutions to follow the daily progress of the expedition.  In addition we will also have an expedition email address available for students to send questions, of which we will determine to be the most appropriate, to be answered during the following day’s i-news report. 

For more information, please send an email to: or visit Dan’s website

Expedition Sponsors

Though the expedition is self funded there are organization who have helped us to see this project to fruition by contributing time, equipments, and support.  Please consider using/purchasing their products and services of the companies and organizations listed below.


Rutgers IMCS

Aqualung USA

Silent Diving Systems

TMBA Broadcast Animation

O.C. Diver

Sartek Ind

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