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Chris Richardson, head of HOG and Edge Dive Equipment, under arrangement with Technical Diving International, is once again making waves in the dive industry. Richardson, an accomplished diver and dive instructor as well as Edge, HOG company president, has never turned away for contentious issues or innovation, and his latest idea raised a few eyebrows last year when it was introduced and promises to do the same as we begin new promotions
 At issue is Richardson’s belief that consumers — divers like you and me — should be given the "tools" and training to service and maintain their own gear.
 In a recent interview with him at his office and distribution center in Central Georgia, the ex-Canadian Navy Petty Officer, explained his take on the whole controversial issue.
Q: Chris, why break convention and shift the responsibility for servicing equipment such as scuba regulators from dive store technicians to rank and file divers?
A: Look, it is simply a question of facing the reality of the situation as it stands… I think there is probably an analogy with SDI and solo diver certification. The team in SDI’s training department recognized that people dive solo and figured it would be a good idea to educate them in the dangers and best practices.
Like it or not, many experienced divers fiddle with their own gear. The more experienced they become, the more likely they are to take things apart and play with them. There are websites and books devoted to the practice… ALL I have done is recognized that this is the new reality and put together a program that seems to make sense and addresses the potential problems that would exist without one!
Q: What exactly is the program Chris?
A:  My company sells parts and repair kits to consumers through our retail network of registered dealers. The prerequisite is that the consumer has taken our service technician’s course and holds that status.
The course is available to the consumer through that same network of dealers. Simple.
Q: So, what does the course cover?
A: What’s covered… everything we sell. That includes our Regulators, Wings, BCDs, Lights. The lot. The only thing we do not distribute is a CCR… not covered.
Q: And this is open to ANY diver?
A: Any diver, but allow me to explain who I feel this whole assemblage of course, sales, workshop, go out and dive it, is aimed at.
Let’s use for example a driving analogy. If you are a Sunday driver, you need to know how to call the auto club. You can put gas in your car; check the oil; recognize squeaky brakes; but that’s about it. ANY work that needs doing aside from washing and waxing, you take it to the shop.
At the other end of the scale is the car owner who intends to drive in cross-country rallies. He or she can use a pair of women’s nylons to replace a belt. They have replaced the rotors and pads on their disc brakes… which also probably sport non-standard, power-coated four or six cylinder high-performance calipers.
 The majority of divers have zero interest in taking their gear apart. They wanna dive and they want the experience to be simple, easy and without complications.
Then there are technical divers. These men and women are handicapped by the status quo.  They often dive in remote spots, and they dive to the extreme. They NEED to know how to fix and maintain the gear they depend on.
Being able to do the stuff that is taught in a HOG clinic makes a diver better prepared to conduct technical dives. Period.
Q: So the HOG Clinic candidate would be a technical diver and a tinkerer?
A: Yep, that’s about it. Attendees must be card-carrying grads from a TDI technical program [or equivalent] and be willing to invest the time to learn how to do this stuff right. Expedition divers, technical divers, advanced complex divers, whatever label we attach to them, that is our target audience… we want the people who spent their birthdays taking their presents apart!
Q: How do divers sign-up Chris?
A: I run workshops to train TDI RETAILERS and INSTRUCTORS how to deliver this program. I do not run workshops for divers, and although I welcome emails from consumers, the best suggestion I can offer is for interested divers to go along to their local TDI training facility or instructor and ask about sitting in on the next class.
Q: Thanks, Chris. Always a pleasure.
A: Likewise, and play safe out there all you divers!
 You can contact Chris Richardson directly at Edge HOG gear
AND you can SIGN UP for the DEALER CLINIC at DEMA this November by CLICKING HERE


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  1. raphael santore
    raphael santore says:

    I am responsible for my reg repair at my club. I am Zeagle trained, TDI trimix certified and about 8 years experience. We service all our own equipment from regs to tanks. Some of our members now have HOG regs and i want to take a HOG reg course in the NYC area. I understand it may be given at BTS? Can you help me? Raphael Santore


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