Invitation to Participate in Florida Fishing Tourney


From time-to-time, we publish "public announcements" that have appeal to divers who put a different twist on the sport, and the following invitation from the UW Photography and Spearfishing Championships meets that criterion
Letter from BILL HARDMAN
I am writing to tell you about the 2010 Southern Open – this event is: The State of Florida U/W Photography and Spearfishing Championships.  
I hope we can count on your help and assistance for this great event.  This is the big event – it is the State of Florida Spearfishing and the State of Florida Underwater Photography Championships.   And if that’s not a good enough reason to help out – 100% of the proceeds go to support charities and Divers Rights. 
Some of our Charities are:  Special Olympics, Diveheart Military Wounded, Fishing Rights Alliance,  Ocean Pals Kids Scholarship Fund, Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund, Florida Scuba Olympics, American Cancer Society, The Blue Wild, Second Harvest Food Bank and more… 
 The event begins with Underwater Photography, which runs from May 28th through June 11th. The Spearfishing portion of the tournament will take place on Saturday, June 12th, with the weigh-in and award presentation Sunday, June 13th .  All of the activities will be held at the world famous Gators on the Pass in Treasure Island, Florida.
This prestigious event is under the supervision of the Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA).  The FSDA was established 57 years ago in 1952. We have done much over the years to promote safe boating and diving, conservation, and fairness in fisheries management. This June 11 – 13th we are hosting our 47th Annual Southern Open Florida State Championship.
This is the oldest on-going dive tournament in the Eastern half of the USA!
Bill Hardman, President FSDA  (727)-656-9714 
Scott Childress, Vice President FSDA  (813)-918-7688
Cindy Whitaker, Secretary FSDA
Ken Smith, Treasurer FSDA


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