Key Largo premier dive operation becomes SDI/TDI Professional Development Center

Scuba Diving International™ group is pleased to announce a “Key” new alliance with Captain Slate’s Atlantis Dive Center which now offers the full SDI, TDI curriculum and training support to divers, SDI and TDI leadership candidates, and dive industry pros in Southern Florida.


Capt Slate’s, a stalwart of Florida diving situated perfectly in the heart of the most desirable wreck and reef diving in the Florida Keys, now offers ALL diver and instructor levels of SDI and TDI training, from Open Water Diver through TDI Advanced Trimix and including Closed-Circuit Rebreather programs.


Having joined forces with SDI, TDI Captain Slate said he is excited about the future of diving in the Florida Keys. “With SDI and TDI making inroads into Southern Florida, I can see a coming resurgence of scuba diving in the Keys because we will have more and more divers trained to dive our wrecks and deep reefs the way they should: executing well-planned extended dives that allow for true enjoyment of our deeper sites.”


 Captain Slate added that with the scheduled sinking of the Vandenberg in Key West and the 510′ Spiegel Grove in his operation’s “backyard” in Key Largo: “The Keys will have seven world-class wreck dives available for the whole cadre of SDI, TDI certified divers to enjoy. I am so pleased that SDI, TDI has chosen Atlantis Dive Center to be a premier representative of their training programs. And a anyone who is in the industry already knows, innovation and reaction speed to the market is critical to everyone’s success. SDI, TDI is the one agency that truly offers this along with a respected and responsive curriculum!”


Scuba Diving International™ Group President, Brian Carney was equally enthusiastic about the future with Atlantis flying the SDI, TDI flag in a prime world-famous dive destination. “We are so pleased to welcome Captain Slate and Atlantis Dive Center. Over the years this operation has built a strong reputation for delivering the highest professional training and quality customer service and we are proud to have them aboard because it seems to us to be a perfect fit with our organization and the way we like to do business.”


Atlantis Dive Center is the first Instructor training facility in the Southeast offering SDI’s new rating ‘IT Staff Instructor’. This new SDI rating is the equivalent of a PADI Course Director, NAUI Instructor Trainer, and SSI Instructor Trainer.


The SDI IT Staff Instructor will be able to run the Instructor Development Course (IDC) completely independently, and upon completion of the IDC Instructor Candidates will then need to go through the Instructor Evaluation Course (IEC) with an active Scuba Diving International™ Instructor Trainer. This new SDI leadership rating will allow many more dive centers to get into offering instructor training, and will keep SDI, TDI as a forerunner in promoting sustainable growth in the dive industry.


Atlantis dive center offers a great location for all levels of training and has three Instructor Trainers on staff.  As state licensed vocational school, Atlantis is offering monthly IDCs and IECs, and other professional-level courses throughout the year. For an up-to-date schedule visit:


Atlantis Dive Center is also offering special discounts to SDI, TDI Instructors who bring their students and dive groups to dive in Key Largo. Contact Captain Slate’s for complete details.


Atlantis is also offering regularly scheduled TECH Dive Charters. For dates see:


For information about Scuba Diving International or Technical Diving International training, contact International Training at (207) 729-4201 or on the web at Scuba Diving International (SDI) is the sport diving certification branch of the world’s largest technical diving agency, Technical Diving International (TDI). Also included in our family of training solutions is Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI), the only global public safety certification agency.                                       


Others follow… SDI, TDI, ERDI leads!




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