Make 2009 the best year of diving you’ve ever had!

Happy New Year and thank you!

brian in officeAll the thousands of people who run our group of companies and who teach our programs around the world have two things in common: we love diving and we want to share our passion with as many people as possible. This does not only mean getting more people to take the plunge and get diving… although that’s very important… it also means that we keep certified divers interested, in the water having fun and showing newer divers how it’s done. And as I write this, there is a pile of dive gear in the corner of my office because sometime later this week, I’m going to get wet! So I practice what I preach. I hope you do your bit too.

Our success this past year has everything to do with listening to our market… and supplying what it asks for. The products and services we create and distribute have evolved over the years but never more than they did in this past 12 months. We improved existing programs, such as our Online Training for open water and specialties, broadened the scope of others, like our rebreather courses, and launched new materials for existing favorites such as SDI’s Advanced Adventure Specialty, and TDI Intro to Tech.

But that’s history, let’s talk about what we are going to do for you in the next 12 months.

Well one promise is that we will do an even better job of listening to you. Step one is that we want to meet and talk to more of you in person. SDI, TDI and ERDI headquarters business professionals, staff instructors and regional managers will be out in force at consumer dive shows, store events, seminars, workshops and dive sites all this year. Please take the time to come up and introduce yourself. Tell us what you like about diving. Introduce us to your friend who is thinking about learning to dive. If you were trained by another agency or even if you teach for an outfit other than ours, don’t be bashful. Ask us questions, and tell us what we can do better. Our directive on all these trips is to come back into the office here in Maine with ideas, comments, suggestions and information about the diving you do and what you need from us to make your adventures more enjoyable, more accessible and happen more often!

Thanks once again, and everyone here at headquarters joins me in wishing you, your family and friends all the best for the coming year. Dive safe and dive often!


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