Emergency Response Diving International™ ERDI™ Announces $190,000 Contribution
 to Public Safety Divers and their Teams for  Increased Safety
Discover how your Dive / Rescue Team can qualify for your fair share!
Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI™), the global leaders in Public Safety Diving education and support, is making its newly launched Contaminated Water Ops available FREE to PSD teams across North America.
The official launch of what will be a $190,000 contribution by the company to public safety diver education is scheduled to be launched at FDIC, world’s largest Firefighter Training Conference and Exhibition taking place in Indianapolis from April 19 – 24.
Firefighter, Police and other Public Safety Dive Teams will be presented with FREE access to work through the onLine Contaminated Water Ops program. This initiative is the first step in a complete upgrade to the way ERDI certifications will be offered to PSD Personnel from this point on.
This new course is different from any other ERDI course currently on offer in the way that participants receive certifications. All ERDI programs are available to Public Safety Professionals regardless of their position within a department or Team.  Programs are classified in three different levels, Awareness, Operations, and Technician.

The Awareness level program can be completed simply by doing the online academics for the ERDI course of interest. Upon completion of any of the online ERDI Academy courses, you receive an awareness level certificate.For additional awareness and understanding of the course you can audit the practical session.


The Operations level course is completed with the participant doing the online academics and also participating in the non diving segments of the Operations level course taught by an ERDI Instructor. Depending on the program you are completing, this portion of the training shows how to properly perform and or supervise non diving Emergency Response duties.


The Technician level is the final step to complete the required number of practical training sessions under the supervision of your ERDI Instructor. Here you will apply what you have learned during your awareness and skill-development sessions, while learning practical lessons that can only be gained through real-world experience.  Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Technician certification.

For details of this remarkable offer, to order a traditional hard-copy version of the New ERDI Contaminated Water Ops Manual, or to the apply for YOUR FREE Access code to work though the onLine program, contact info@erdiacademy.com  include your department’s name and address, telephone number and e-mail. Please include whether you have a Team or are forming one and lastly please include the name of the Chief and the PSD Team Leader.
Contact ERDI today, this offer is limited due to financial constraints.


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