Our World Underwater… come and visit with SDI/TDI

Our World Underwater has been one of the best-established consumer dive shows in the mid-Western USA for the past 40 years, and this year is schedule for the weekend of February 18-20.

It will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, in Rosemont, IL very close to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

The show draws exhibitors from around the world and the whole weekend will be filled with dozens of presentations, film shows, workshops and seminars. Among the presentations on tap will be several that touch on topics near and dear to SDI/TDI/ERDI philosophy.

The listing includes:

Presentations from Dive Right In Scuba

On FRIDAY from 9 until 5, Dive Right in Scuba will be running a VIP workshop. This course trains participants how to inspect and maintain scuba cylinders and is an SDI certified course suitable for "first time" inspectors and is a valuable refresher for those previously certified. (SIGN UP HERE>>>)

In addition, on SATURDAY  from 9 until 5, this local SDI/TDI /ERDI partner will be hosting a EDGE/HOG regulator repair clinic (SIGN UP HERE>>>). 


On Sunday, in Room 58 at 10:45, Rod Pederson will be asking Is Solo Diving Right for You?. At 11:30, Mike Ridgeway (also from Dive Right in Scuba) will be asking Is Technical Diving Right for You? (MORE HERE>>>)

SDI/TDI staffers will be also be making two diver-related presentations in Room 42 starting at 10:45. The first is entitled: Sidemount Diving:  Sport or Tech Diving, Caves or Openwater, Novice or Expert? The 45-minute discussion will outline the benefits and challenges of this neat, streamlined equipment configuration. At 11:30 the focus switches to onLine and Blended Learning and how you can make the most of the opportunities offered by "throwing away the book" and doing your next course, diver or leadership level, onLine.


For more information about SDI/TDI we will see you at booth 709 on the show floor or you can contact us via email at enews@tdisdi.


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