Rec and Tech Diving in Grenada


By  Peter Seupel

Grenada, the undisputed "Wreck Capital of the Caribbean" is located on the southern end of the island chain, between Barbados, Trinidad and St. Vincent. Located south of the Hurricane belt makes it a year around dive destination. Famous thanks to President Reagan’s little intervention during the cold war, now a very peaceful and safe place.

CCR on Bianca CGrenada is also known as the Island of Spices and the home of the almighty Bianca C, the "Caribbean Titanic.” Sunk in 1961 after a heavy fire, the ocean currents have taken their toll. The bottom is at 52 metres/170 feet, while the top deck on the bow is at 27 metres/90 feet. Most of the top structure is collapsed, but it is still very impressive and one of the largest wrecks in the world within these limits.

 As the wreck changes some doors close, but new ones open. Bianca C is an attraction for recreational and tech divers alike. Located between two reefs in a channel it attracts a lot of marine life. The wreck is home to large schools of Jacks, Eagle Rays, turtles and other pelagic.

 Always good for a surprise, there is also chances to encounter different species of sharks, especially when in CCR mode. But there is a lot more to explore. Grenada’s location along the shipping route from and to Trinidad made it home to a couple of more very interesting wrecks.

 The Shakem was a German-built 64 metres/210 foot cargo vessel that sank in 2001 with a full load of cement, resting at 30 metres/100 feet is now completely covered with corals and gorgonians and the engine room is still very organized.

 A couple of miles offshore on the Atlantic side are resting more wrecks; the Hema 1 and King Mitch. Both between 33 to 36 metres/ 110 to 120 ft deep and about 60 metres 200 feet long and swept by the Atlantic currents, attract a lot of big marine life as Sharks, Eagle Rays, Giant Barracuda and Turtles.

 King Mitch, a former US mine sweeper from World War II is also a piece of history. There are about ten more wreck sites and an Underwater Sculpture Park to discover.

 For divers not so much interested in wrecks, be assured that most of our wrecks are reefs by now.

 Due to the location between Atlantic and Caribbean there is a wide variety of reefs with a lot of colorful marine life. Also friends of small critters will find anything from Frogfish, Seahorses, Pipe- and Jaw fish to name just a few.

 Photographers: bring your biggest wide angle but do not forget the macro.

 Aquanauts Grenada offers the full range of Rec and Tech diving. Our fleet of 3 custom built dive boats, caters for small to mid-size groups and provide platform for giant stride entry, convenient ladders, fresh water shower, camera tables and toilet.

 Boat access is easy and safe from our dive dock at True Blue Bay Resort & Marina. Three Bauer K15 compressors and a large Nuvair membrane take care that there is plenty of Free Nitrox. Most diving is done as drift diving in small groups, not necessary a lot of current, but the boat conveniently picks up the divers where they surface.

 We are also specialized in group travel and offer private boat charters. The AquaTec branch is a Evolution/ Inspiration training center, that offers full Rebreather support. Tanks 2, 3 & 5 litre are available as well as Sofnolime, Oxygen and Helium.

 More information on:

Recommended Hotel:

 True Blue Bay Resort – personal boutique hotel dedicated to divers,  your dive boat waits just steps from your room!

 The resort features two pools, bar & restaurant, car hire and yacht  charter on site and free wireless internet access.

 How to get there:

 From the US with American Airlines from Miami or with Delta from JFK

 From the UK with Monarch, Virgin Atlantic or British Airways from  London Gatwick

 Peter Seupel is  Director Operations for  Aquanauts Grenada Ltd.


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